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What our users say

10 Jan 2018
I have to be Inoreader's biggest fan! Especially now putting my class streams in Canvas and in my wiki pages, I feel like the students are everywhere! and that's good! I added the stream to the class directory this time.
24 Dec 2017
Can't believe I never used this before. Feedly started to act out on my phone. So, I was looking for an alternative and found Inoreader. So much better. So many options in the settings.
21 Dec 2017
Finished making a lot of changes to my @Inoreader rules and filters. Looking forward to a better news experience :D
13 Dec 2017
I'm pretty impressed with Inoreader right off the bat!
7 Dec 2017
Google reader's departure led to the development of @Inoreader, which is fantastic.
6 Dec 2017
Still loving my @Inoreader subscription.
1 Dec 2017
@Inoreader is still the way I get my news fix. News travels fast on @Twitter and gets curated on @Flipboard. Hardly use @feedly today, but it's still a good tool.
30 Nov 2017
You are awesome! Exactly what I was looking for. Really, you make a great job. @Inoreader is one of my most important digital tools. Can not imagine living without it.
28 Nov 2017
@Inoreader i wanted to say thanks for the black friday day. I've now extended another 18 months + my existing 6 months. Absolutely loving this service.
24 Nov 2017
Now paying @Inoreader $25/year to read my facebook & twitter content in a usable way. Still can't get at closed groups or nonpublic FB content, but at least everything's in reverse chronological order again!
2 Nov 2017
Gosh, I didn't realise how much better #Inoreader was compared to #Feedly! Migrating over in a hurry now.
1 Nov 2017
Inoreader. It's an RSS reader on steroids

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