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Customize the view

Apple News has a beautiful magazine-style layout. You get top stories handpicked by editors and a personalized newsfeed based on topics and channels you prefer.

Inoreader gives you full control over the content you read. An overview of your trusted sources is always found on your sidebar, showing which feeds were updated since your last visit. When reading articles, you have five layouts to choose from. You can also pick your favorite out of three themes and enjoy many personalization options, including a custom CSS editor!

Кeep track of your reading

Apple News gives you the latest headlines. When you open an article, you get redirected to the publisher's website.

Inoreader stores your articles and keeps track of what you've read, so you only see the unread items when you come back, even when you use different devices. You can load articles' full content, highlight important keywords, assign tags, translate, send, and share content without leaving Inoreader.

Advanced search

Apple News keeps track of various channels, topics, and stories, which you can search by and follow.

At Inoreader, we've put much effort into providing an excellent search experience. With our free plan, you can search through all articles in your feeds, while our Pro plan allows you to search through a database of feeds, articles, Facebook pages, and subreddits. You can even search through Google News. Filter results, monitor keywords, and subscribe directly with an URL.

Smart automation

Apple News gives you algorithm-based suggestions for the content you get. You can also mute certain publishers.

Inoreader offers many automation possibilities, making it power users’ favorite tool. You can set up entire workflows, such as sending push notifications and emails or marking articles as read when certain criteria are met, creating search queries, and getting them delivered to your newsfeed. You can also filter out or permit articles that match specific conditions set by you.

Save, share, and be social

Apple News lets you share content via AirDrop or another app.

Inoreader provides a wide range of integrations. Social feeds include Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, and YouTube. You can save your content to Pocket, Evernote, OneNote, Instapaper, Dropbox, and Google Drive. We also offer integrations with IFTTT and Zapier for even better workflow optimization. Inoreader also has built-in social features – you can comment, like, and broadcast articles for other Inoreader users to see.

Keep your content with you

Here at Inoreader, we know that no matter the service you use, you've invested a lot of time and energy to collect and organize your content. There's no need to do it whenever you switch tools. That's why we support a completely free OPML import/export functionality. When you decide to give Inoreader a try, you can bring your entire setup from another OPML-supporting platform. We also use it to back up your subscriptions and autosave them to your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts.

Compare and choose wisely

Features Inoreader
Apple News
Search in your feeds
Keyword highlights
Podcast player
Google keywords and news alerts
Articles tagging
Save to Pocket, Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, Google Drive and Instapaper Pocket extension
Style to your liking with Custom CSS
Get emails delivered to Newsletter subscriptions
Powerful automation with Rules
Remove or allow content with feed Filters
Keyword monitoring with Active Searches
Get articles faster with Boosted Feeds
Social media intelligence (Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte)
Follow websites without RSS with Web feeds
Create custom RSS feeds from folders
Access password protected feeds
Keep all your subscriptions safe (Automatic OPML backups)
Global Search (search inside all public articles)
Control folders' unread duration
Integrate with IFTTT and Zapier
Sort by Magic
Secure image proxy
Offline mode for selected folders (Android & iOS)
Priority support
Keep your YouTube in sync

This page was last updated Jul 14, 2023.

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