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Inoreader VS The Old Reader

Inoreader - All your content in one place forever

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Endless archive for your articles

The Old Reader's Premium plan gives you a total of 500 subscriptions, and stores upto 1000 articles per feed for a year. With the free plan you get a limit of 100 subscriptions.

Inoreader gives you 150 subscriptions for free, and with the Pro tire you get unlimited subscriptions. The main difference is that Inoreader stores your articles forever. You can always search and reference them, when you need.

Inoreader - RSS & News Reader is available for Web, Android and iOS Inoreader - RSS & News Reader is available for Web, Android and iOS Inoreader - RSS & News Reader is available for Web, Android and iOS Inoreader - RSS & News Reader is available for Web, Android and iOS

Personalize your perfect view

The Old Reader has a clean, easy to use interface. However, not much customization options are available. It gives you two views to choose from for your article lists - List and Expanded. It also offers a dark mode.

Inoreader gives you much more flexibility - five article views to choose from. Your favorite photography feed will most likely look best in Card View, but List View will give you a nice scannability over your Top News folder. You can also try Column, Magazine & Expanded Views. With Inoreader you have three theme choices, lots of personalization options, and even a custom CSS editor!

Hand-picked Discovery catalog

To find sources in The Old Reader, you need to type a keyword or url in the search bar. You can then subscribe to a feed, without the option to preview it first.

Inoreader always had a rich content catalog. Last year we renewed it from scratch to ensure we only offer you the most trusted and interesting sources. Discover popular topics, see feeds, and articles previews. See how many people are subscribed to a certain source and how often it posts new articles. If you're interested, you can choose to get feed suggestions. You can of course directly type in a keyword, a name, URL, twitter profile, or anything else, really.

Advanced search

In The Old Reader you have fairly limited search functionality inside your subscription.

Inoreader has a pretty advanced search functionality, where you can filter your results. With our free plan, you can search for feeds and through all articles in your subscriptions, and our Pro tire gives you the ability to search through an enormous database of feeds, articles, users, Twitter, Facebook pages, and Google News. On top of that, you can follow a search query and receive and control it as a regular subscription.

Smart automation options

The Old Reader offers no filters and automation options in any of its plans.

Inoreader gives you amazing automation possibilities, which is why it's all power users favorite tool. You can set-up entire workflows such as sending push notifications and emails or marking as read when certain criteria are met, create search queries, and get them delivered as news feed. You can also filter out or permit only articles that match specific criteria from your feeds. And so much more.

Share, save and be social

With The Old Reader you can email a story, share it to Facebook and Twitter, or comment it internally. Their free plan gives you integration with Pocket, and Instapaper is available in the paid subscription.

Besides Inoreader's internal social features (Like, Comment, Broadcast), third-party integrations are limitless. Social feeds include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. It also offers Custom Share with most social and reading services. You can save your content to Pocket, Evernote, OneNote, Instapaper, Dropbox, and Google Drive. We also have IFTTT and Zapier integrations for even better workflow optimization.

Read anytime, anywhere

The Old Reader doesn't support apps for mobile devices.

Inoreader has dedicated apps for iOs, Android, and Windows phones. Our mobile apps are specially designed for mobile and tablet use and optimized in terms of data and battery usage. You can take advantage of the offline mode and even a specially designed AMOLED theme for supporting devices.

Compare and choose wisley

Free Plan Inoreader The Old Reader
Maximum subscriptions 150 100
Search inside your subscriptions
Personalized dashboard
Keyword highlights
Podcast player
Google keywords and news alerts
Articles tagging
Save to Pocket, Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, Google Drive and Instapaper Pocket
Pro Plan


Inoreader Pro


The Old Reader Premium
Maximum subscriptions Unlimited 500
Style to your liking with Custom CSS
Get emails delivered to Newsletter subscriptions
Powerful automation with Rules
Remove or allow content with feed Filters
Keyword monitoring with Active Searches
Daily email digests for you and your co-workers
Get articles faster with Boosted Feeds
Social media intelligence (Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte)
Follow websites without RSS with Web feeds
Create custom RSS feeds from folders
Access password protected feeds
Keep all your subscriptions safe (Automatic OPML backups)
Global Search (search inside all public articles)
Control folders' unread duration
Translate articles
Integrate with IFTTT and Zapier
Sort by Magic
Secure image proxy
Offline mode for selected folders (Android & iOS)
Priority support
Keep your YouTube in sync

Get the most value out of your reading

With Inoreader, content comes to you, the minute it's available.

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