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Vagus Nerve Care: A $483 Million Health Trend You Need to Know About

That sinking feeling in your stomach when you’re nervous? 😣 It’s the doing of your vagus nerve – or “wandering nerve” – a highway in the human body that connects to almost every internal organ. It lets your brain talk to your gut (hence the stomach churn), but also regulates your digestion, heart rate, breathing, and a heck lot of other things....

Tue Apr 23, 2024 04:20
A $40m Startup's Founder Shares Insights on Growth and Raising Capital

You’ve heard the phrase “when you know, you know” – aka the magical feeling that something just… works. That’s how Arjun Mahadevan felt when he pitched his company, Doola, at HubSpot’s Million Dollar Pitch Competition in 2023. And he won. 🏆 Source: But getting there was no magic. Rather, it was a blend of strategy and hard work. ...

Tue Apr 23, 2024 04:20
19 Templates for Follow-Up Emails After a Meeting, Conference, and More

A ton of time, resources, and effort go into relationship-building in sales — so something as seemingly insignificant as a follow-up email after a meeting or conference is often an afterthought for a lot of sales professionals. But make no mistake — those kinds of messages can make a pretty significant difference, and you should always stay timely...

Mon Apr 22, 2024 19:43
100+ Motivational Quotes About Hard Work That’ll Help You Reach Your Goals

Success doesn’t come easy — even the most dedicated entrepreneur sometimes finds it tough to stay on track. It’s hard for businesses to keep their employees motivated all the time. I even find myself struggling with motivation on days when challenges feel insurmountable. When I’m experiencing a rut, I look for sources of inspiration. That’s where...

Tue Apr 16, 2024 15:04
3 Ways to Build for The Rise (And Fall) of Businesses

Starting a business is now considered the best way to build personal wealth. That could explain why Americans are leaping into entrepreneurship at record rates – between 2021 and 2023, 5.2m business applications were filed. Exciting times. 🤘 Source: US Census Bureau  Get more business ideas and trendy data in our weekly Trends Newsletter....

Tue Apr 16, 2024 04:18
7 Habits of Highly Successful Prospectors, According to Sales Leaders

Thoughtfully calculated, well-executed prospecting is central to virtually every successful sales engagement. It sets a tone — giving you the momentum and perspective you need to lock in on viable sales opportunities and ensure the rest of your sales process goes as smoothly as possible. But as with any other skill, some salespeople have a better...

Mon Apr 15, 2024 15:15

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