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Today’s Wordle Hints (and Answer) for Tuesday, July 23, 2024

If you’re looking for the Wordle answer for July 23, 2024 read on. We’ll share some clues, tips, and strategies, and finally the solution. Today’s puzzle is harder; I got it in five. Beware, there are spoilers below for July 23, Wordle #1,130! Keep scrolling if you want some hints (and then the answer) to today’s Wordle game.How to play WordleWordle...

Tue Jul 23, 2024 08:21
Amazon’s Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Pre-Order Includes a Storage Upgrade and a $200 Gift Card

Amazon has been having some sweet pre-order deals on new phones, like on the Samsung Galaxy S24 and the Google Pixel 8a. This time around, Amazon has a pre-order deal on the release of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6, set to release on Wednesday, July 24. This pre-order deal includes a $120 discount on the price of the 512 GB model, which is the same...

Tue Jul 23, 2024 00:13
What's New on Disney+ in August 2024

August is another light month for original content on Disney+. Weekly episodes of new travel reality show Are You Sure?! (August) will drop each Thursday. The series stars BTS members Jimin and Jung Kook as they explore New York state, Korea’s Jeju Island, and Sapporo, Japan, ahead of their military service. Disney+ has other content featuring BTS,...

Tue Jul 23, 2024 00:13
What to Do If Your Grip Is Giving Out in the Gym

If you’ve ever found your grip giving out in the gym, this is for you. Maybe it was at the end of a pull day, where you’re doing rows and curls and pulldowns. Maybe it was during a deadlift workout, and your legs were able to lift more but your hands betrayed you. How do you finish your workout when your hands feel like the weak point? You have lots...

Mon Jul 22, 2024 23:12
Skip Through the Silent Parts of a Video With This Browser Extension

Want to quickly power through a lecture or educational video, but don't want to distort the speech of the speaker? The browser extension Jump Cutter can do exactly this by speeding up only the silent pauses during a talk or lecture.This free and open-source tool scans the audio of the video you're watching and speeds up playback when there's no audio....

Mon Jul 22, 2024 23:12
21 Full-Sized Liquids You Can Bring Through Airport Security

More than two decades post-9/11, limiting yourself to containers of liquids, pastes, or gels 3.4 ounces or smaller in your hand luggage is as routine a part of air travel as bringing an acceptable ID and avoiding overpriced airport food. The good news is that the restrictions on liquids probably won't last forever—in fact, the Transportation Security...

Mon Jul 22, 2024 23:12

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