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AI vs Human: Who Writes Better Blogs That Get More Traffic?

There is no argument that AI is faster at producing content than humans. That doesn’t mean that AI is always more accurate or even more efficient than human-generated content, though.   As our data will show, when it comes to AI vs human content, human content performs better.  In this post, I’ll first share the methodology and...

Sat Apr 13, 2024 22:38
How To Ideate Online PR Concepts That Deliver Immense Value

This blog is written by Alex Creek, Sr. Digital PR Lead at NP Digital. Every digital PR campaign is a result of an idea that’s bolstered by a newsworthy concept and sound data to bring it to life. Seems straightforward enough, right? There’s just one problem, though. In an industry with rising competition and PR professionals...

Fri Apr 12, 2024 22:40
How Long Should Your Blog Articles Be?

Unpopular opinion: I think people are overly concerned with word count when creating content.  You can produce a 10,000-word article. But if the content and quality suck, then the article doesn’t deserve to get ranked. You lose. Of course, that doesn’t stop people from asking me: how long should a blog post be for SEO? So,...

Thu Apr 11, 2024 22:37
How to do Keyword Research for YouTube for Results

Have you ever posted a video on YouTube, poured your heart and soul into it, only to find it’s like a drop in the digital ocean? It gets lost among millions of other videos, barely getting any views? You’re not alone.  But what if I told you that the secret to breaking through the noise on YouTube lies in the art of keyword research?...

Wed Apr 10, 2024 22:41
What Is SGE and How to Adapt Your SEO Strategy

The digital marketing landscape is on the brink of a seismic shift, courtesy of something called SGE, or Search Generative Experience.  Currently in a limited beta phase and available only to select users, SGE is Google’s new way of answering search queries by understanding the words you type and the intent behind them.  Data shows...

Tue Apr 9, 2024 22:53
How to Optimize Anchor Text For SEO

What is anchor text? It’s clickable text in web content that links to another page. This could be a related page on your website or someone else’s site.  You might not realize it, but details like anchor text matter.  Why? Because we’re working with a more intelligent, complex algorithm and hundreds of Google ranking factors.  ...

Mon Apr 8, 2024 22:41

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