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Los campos de lavanda atraen a los turistas al centro de España

La floración anual de lavanda, que recibe a los visitantes con aromas gloriosos y una belleza natural que compite con la Provenza francesa, ha revitalizado la villa medieval de Brihuega.

Fri Jul 19, 2024 10:44
President of Florida A&M Resigns Amid Donation Controversy

Larry Robinson took responsibility for accepting a $237 million gift that is now on hold and under investigation.

Thu Jul 18, 2024 04:24
Bird Flu Is Spreading. Why Aren’t More People Getting Tested?

Even as the H5N1 virus evolves, gaps remain in the nation’s contingency plans for human testing, scientists say.

Wed Jul 17, 2024 17:15
Colombia enfrenta un nuevo problema: demasiada cocaína

La compra de pasta de coca se ha reducido drásticamente en las regiones cocaleras del país, lo que ha provocado una crisis humanitaria en muchas comunidades remotas y empobrecidas.

Tue Jul 16, 2024 22:03
Sizzling Day in North Dakota? Lately, Amid Widespread Heat, It’s No Surprise.

At a county fair near Fargo, many residents shrugged off the heat, at least for one day.

Mon Jul 15, 2024 16:55
Is It Too Late to Save the Southern Grasslands?

Southern grassland ecosystems, and nearly all the plants and animals they supported, are gone. There is hope of bringing some of them back to life.

Mon Jul 15, 2024 12:55

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