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The Cybertruck Must Be Huge—or It Will Dig Tesla’s Grave

If Musk fulfils just 15 percent of Cybertruck preorders, it would equal the annual unit sales of Toyota. If the polarizing EV flops, Tesla could be in big trouble.

Fri Dec 1, 2023 18:23
8 Best Indoor Security Cameras (2023): For Homes and Apartments

Cameras can offer peace of mind, but choose carefully when you’re inviting one into your home.

Fri Dec 1, 2023 17:12
America’s Far Right Is Calling for Civil War in Ireland

Following last week’s riots in Dublin, an alliance between far-right, anti-immigration influencers in the US and Ireland continues to grow.

Fri Dec 1, 2023 16:32
How to Deter Thieves and Improve Your Smart Home Security

A mix of security cameras, smart lighting, and other smart home gadgets can deter pesky thieves. Here’s how to use them to stay safe.

Fri Dec 1, 2023 16:11
The Year of ChatGPT and Living Generatively

In November last year, OpenAI launched a “low key research preview” called ChatGPT. What happened next transformed the tech industry—and perhaps humanity’s future.

Fri Dec 1, 2023 16:11
‘Authentic’ Is 2023’s Word of the Year. You Read That Right

In a year dominated by artificial intelligence, deepfakes, and disingenuity, “authentic” has somehow emerged as Merriam-Webster’s word for 2023.

Fri Dec 1, 2023 16:11

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