Enhancements to Twitter feeds

When we launched Twitter feeds last year, we were focused on bringing you the essence of each tweet’s contents. That way you could follow updates across the world as they happened, set up rules to notify you for something really important, or organize everything in tags.
Since then Twitter implemented a lot of changes and new features.
In the past week we were gradually upgrading our integration to support those new features. Thanks to the continuous feedback from our community we were able to iterate quickly and today we are proud to present you the list of upgrades!


Multiple images

We are now displaying all images embedded in a Tweet. Click on any image to see it full-size.

Video and GIF support

You can now watch embedded videos and GIF files directly in Inoreader. Moreover, you can use the rule condition “contains video” to find such tweets.


Embedded quotes are now shown directly in Inoreader.

Better retweets

We’ve enhanced the presentation of retweets. The author’s name and avatar are those from the original tweet and the actual tweet is embedded as a quote.

Other smaller tweaks

We’ve also made a number of smaller enhancements to the Twitter feeds. Here’s the list:
  • Line breaks in tweets and quotes are now correctly displayed
  • Long retweets are no longer being occasionally truncated
  • Embedded images are now smaller, but when clicked they open the full resolution picture.
  • When pasting a Twitter URL in our search box, you will be immediately prompted to connect your Twitter account if you haven’t done so already.
  • Fixed some issues with links to hashtags containing umlauts.
We hope those changes will improve your experience with Twitter feeds even more. Our team uses this feature a lot while searching for information and to stay up to date with trends in our area.
Twitter feeds are available for all users, but with certain limitation depending on your plan. Learn more from our upgrade page.

If you want to learn how to use Twitter feeds see our How-to post about subscribing to social feeds.


The Inoreader team