Top RSS Readers for Android with Great UI for 2018

We, at Inoreader – took time to review 10 RSS Reader Android apps in addition to our own, hopefully you will find these reviews and the filter below useful to pick out the best one for you!


Inoreader Android RSS App

Widget, Inoreader Sync, Day/Night Theme, Appearance Options, Offline Reading (Premium), Custom Gestures, Search, OPML Import (From Web)

Without spending too much time on our own app, Inoreader for Android boasts numerous useful features mostly for appearance and behavior customizations, light and dark themes, AMOLED theme, and many many more, you can go in and start playing around. Our discovery catalogs are searchable and relatively up-to-date. OPML import has to be done through the web interface and you will have to register to have the app save your information for future use. Otherwise the Android app can be completely used as standalone.

We believe that when used in unison with the WEB app, Inoreader is the most powerful way to stay on top of all digital content from your favorite topics and channels.

Inoreader Android RSS App Screenshots

Flym News Reader

Flym News Android RSS App

Open Source, Search, Ad-free, OPML Import

Flym is a very light, minimal functionality RSS reader that feels great to use. The project is headed by Frederic Julian who is publishing this application as “free and open-source software”, so feel free to contribute if you enjoy his app!

Read – Simple RSS Reader

Read - Android RSS App

Widget, Day/Night Theme, Podcast Player, Appearance Options, Search, Ad-free

Quick intro to Read – a very young and inexperienced player in the RSS ecosystem, yet with mounts of potential. The app misses key features for RSS power users such as OMPL Import and the ability to clearly show sources next to news feeds.  

On the other hand, they have pretty quickly nailed other aspects of a great RSS app such as fresh looking day/night themes, flexible feed layouts, great article formatting, and two awesome styles for homescreen widgets.

I was mostly impressed by their podcast search directory and their podcast player which plays in the background after closing the phone. You can even download the podcast for offline listening. If you don’t have many sources to add (since you will have to do it manually) and you are a podcast aficionado like me, definitely give this app a try!

RSS Reader

RSS Reader by Svyatoslav Android RSS App

Widget (Premium), Day/Night Theme, Appearance Options, Offline Reading, OPML Import, No Log-in

Clunky and slow and definitely not the best UI, but this app by Svyatoslav Vasilev boasts an impressive number of features which is why we decided it deserves a place on this list. Not everyday you see an app supported by a one-man army!

One feature we were impressed with is the “automatic or scheduled synchronization” which lets you pick out a time of the day when to get the app synced, which is a great feature for more casual users who want to avoid information overload. Also you can choose to download for offline reading just one designated folder like “Favorites”, which is an awesome feature to have while taking trips and lacking access to the web.  

We were disappointed however that many feeds lack images like “The Verge” and additionally there is no search inside articles, while the “Add feed” directory is incredibly hard to use. I typed in “Seth Godin” and his blog was not found because the way it’s written is  “Seth Godin’s Blog….” which means basically do not rely on search, hopefully the OPML import works just fine.

RSS Savvy

RSS Savvy Android RSS App

Day/Night Theme, Appearance Options, No Log-in

Very casual RSS reader with limited functionality but clean and attractive UI and very nice looking themes for day and night reading. There is no OMPL import/export so it is a nice option for someone just starting out with RSS, also has a very nice integration with Pocket. Unfortunately as you get more advanced with RSS, you know what you want to read and what features you need you will quickly abandon this app.


Paperoak Android RSS App

Day/Night Theme, Appearance Options, Search, Ad-free, No Log-in

Probably one of the best looking RSS apps we found out there, but immediately felt that the UX is designed to behave much like a social network news feed in the sense that it has no unread counters, and quite hard to navigate through different sources. Infinite feeds and no inside article view means its designed to be used for content aggregation, not consumption. No OPML import and very hard to add custom rss feed.

Definitely not a power user app, but we give 10/10 for very appealing and minimalistic design!


Newsjet Android RSS App

Widget, Inoreader Sync, Day/Night Theme, Appearance Options, Custom Gestures, Ad-free, OPML Import

Very easy to migrate on NewJet since you can log-in with Inoreader and sync your subscriptions immediately. Definitely a clean and smart looking UI, but most importantly the app shows ONLY unread posts so it aims to be a sidekick to the web app, that is used in short time bursts.

At the same time however, the app has all the necessary sharing and saving integrations needed by professionals such as Evernote, Onenote saving, as well as the “Full Content” loader.

There are some pretty neat font controls which make the app hugely accessible and customizable to one’s own taste! NewJet can be an amazing companion to the web app, just for catching up on new posts and starring interesting articles.


FeedMe Android RSS App

Widget, Inoreader Sync, Day/Night Theme, Podcast Player, Appearance Options, Search, Ad-free, OPML Import

Similar to NewsJet, you can sign-up for FeedMe with Inoreader login. A truly beautiful UI, FeedMe doesn’t include visuals in their posts, all of their feed layout options appear to be some variation of the list view, even the card layout is showing purely titles and subtitles. Impressive Dark and Light themes, as well as an OLED theme available. The widgets seem completely useless, as they only show unread counters.  

However, there is an AMAZING podcast player available if you turn on the “podcast view” layout and the best of all, layout settings are saved locally per feed so you can set all your podcasts on this view. There are numerous advanced options per feed and other settings you can play around with.

One thing that is clear, FeedMe is not for consuming visual content from entertainment feeds like 9GAG, it is more for quick and efficient information catchup and that’s it. We have many users that literally crave such an experience from their RSS reader. If you are this type of user, this app will knock you off your socks!


NewsTab Android RSS App

Widget, Day/Night Theme, Appearance Options, Offline Reading, OPML Import, No Log-in

In complete opposite to FeedMe, NewsTab is an RSS reader that looks like a magazine app like Flipboard. They’ve taken notes from the updates in Google News tab, and even though the design of the app is absolutely 10/10, its usability is just as bad as a social media app, with infinite scroll feeds massively wasted whitespaces.

However we have to say “cudos!” for the NewsTab discovery section, the content we found was absolutely fresh and well categorized, while their local news options are absolutely unmatched, having a complete list of active local publishers from many many countries. If not for everyday use, there is definitely lots of great RSS feeds to be discovered in the NewsTab discovery section.  

In complete honesty however, the FREE version is literally submerged in advertising, so the experience is quite awful according to us, and we see a lot of Spotify-esque tactics for making you upgrade.

Swipe News

Swipe News Android RSS App

Day/Night Theme, Inoreader Sync, Appearance Options, Custom Gestures, Ad-free, OPML Import

The perfect blend between design and usability, the Swipe News app feels very similar to Inoreader’s own Android app, you can import your feeds with Inoreader log-in, then start playing around with customization options. The themes definitely look quite well, but you’ll have to pay for others than Light, Dark, AMOLED.

The app impresses with the “Automatic Night Mode” based on time, a bunch of behavioral and custom gesture options. You have the ability to completely control how the feed looks with a great preview tab. The app is really an all-round winner that includes amazing features for Free, and provides essentially more skins in the Premium option if you would like to further personalize colors and themes.

We strongly recommend this app, few downsides we found were sluggish sync for articles, as well as when viewing visual feeds like the 9GAG or Dribble, the app makes a special layout for the header image which for image feeds actually makes it unusable. Hopefully they will apply this layout only on certain feeds in the future.

For an app still in “Early Development” it is an absolute treasure!

Readably (Beta)

Readably Android RSS App

Day/Night Theme (Premium), Inoreader Sync, Appearance Options, Custom Gestures, Ad-free, OPML Import

Probably the MOST beautiful app on the list, Readably joined the scene very recently, created and developed by Isaias Matewos, this app will stun you with its fluid and clean UI.

Not boasting lots of functionality, yet already a pleasure to use, for those of you who want to join Isaias on his journey, you can install this app and start giving him feedback, we are sure he will be thrilled!