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Maria Sanchez trade: San Diego Wave acquire midfielder from Houston Dash after request

The Houston Dash have traded María Sánchez to the San Diego Wave for an undisclosed return. Earlier this week, Sánchez publicly stated on her social media that she had requested a trade in late March. The NWSL trade window closes on April 19 at 11:59 p.m. ET. A source briefed on the transaction said that there was more than one offer for Sánchez’s...

Sat Apr 20, 2024 01:09
The Athletic FC: Is EPL power ruining the FA Cup? Plus – Why keepers put Vaseline on gloves

Today in The Athletic FC: Is the power of the big clubs ruining the FA Cup for the smaller sides? And why do keepers put Vaseline on gloves?

Fri Apr 19, 2024 15:23
Where MLS teams have improved and regressed in 2024

There's just enough sample size in the early part of the MLS season to identify some trends in how teams have changed since 2023.

Fri Apr 19, 2024 13:12
Many Premier League champions have ‘choked’ – the true test is can you recover in time

Steven Gerrard's slip lives in infamy but even Pep Guardiola's Man City have "choked" under the title race pressure. It need not be terminal

Fri Apr 19, 2024 07:21
Andre Onana uses Vaseline on his gloves – our goalkeeping expert finds out why

After Onana made a save against Liverpool, the camera caught Onana rubbing Vaseline into his gloves. But why?

Fri Apr 19, 2024 07:11
FA Cup replays – transformative, memorable, and a thing of the past from next season

Replays have been scrapped as of round one in the 2024-25 FA Cup. Is it another hammer blow for the pyramid or does it actually make sense?

Fri Apr 19, 2024 07:11

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