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EU delays decision over scanning encrypted messages for CSAM

European Union officials have delayed talks over proposed legislation that could lead to messaging services having to scan photos and links to detect possible child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Were the proposal to become law, it may require the likes of WhatsApp, Messenger and Signal to scan all images that users upload — which would essentially force...

Thu Jun 20, 2024 17:32
Instagram is reportedly recommending sexual Reels to teens as young as 13

Instagram is recommending Reels with sexual content to teenagers as young as 13 even if they aren't specifically looking for racy videos, according to separate tests conducted by The Wall Street Journal and Northeastern University professor Laura Edelson. Both of them created new accounts and set their ages to 13-years-old for the tests, which mostly...

Thu Jun 20, 2024 15:21
Snap will pay $15 million to settle California lawsuit alleging sexual discrimination

The California Civil Rights Department has revealed that Snap Inc. has agreed to pay $15 million to settle the lawsuit it filed "over alleged discrimination, harassment, and retaliation against women at the company." California's civil rights agency started investigating the company behind Snapchat over three years ago due to claims that it discriminated...

Thu Jun 20, 2024 15:01
The Morning After: Congress’ clean energy bill passes with major focus on nuclear

The Senate has passed a sweeping bill that includes a lot of incentives for nuclear energy. The Accelerating Deployment of Versatile, Advanced Nuclear for Clean Energy (ADVANCE) Act passed in a vote, 88 to 2. The earlier version of the bill also garnered bipartisan support in the House of Representatives earlier this year. Those incentives will include...

Thu Jun 20, 2024 14:21
Proton can now back up photos and videos on your iPhone

If your iPhone is digitally bulging at the seams from all those photos on it, Proton has a new way to back them up with Photo Backup for iOS. Photo Backup has been available for Android users since December and it officially migrated to Apple devices. The Swiss company isn’t just offering another way to automatically upload your photos to a new online...

Thu Jun 20, 2024 13:10
The best SSDs in 2024

The best SSDs allow you to upgrade your PC or console with fast, reliable storage. Whether you’re looking to add more storage space to your gaming PC so you can install more of your favorite games, or you need more room for archiving photos, files and other documents, adding a new solid-state drive into the mix is one of the best ways to achieve this....

Thu Jun 20, 2024 12:10

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