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A Diversified Approach to Investing in the AI Sector

Investing in the AI sector has been one of the hottest trends in the stock market this year, with many investors looking to capitalize on the growth potential of this emerging industry. However, some investors may not want to go all-in on AI, preferring a more diversified approach to their investments. For those investors, there [...] The post A Diversified...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 03:28
World Markets Watchlist: June 5, 2023

Seven of the eight indexes on our world watch list posted gains through June 5, 2023. Tokyo’s Nikkei 225 continued to climb, finishing in the top spot with a YTD gain of 23.46%. The U.S.’s S&P 500 finished in second with a YTD gain of 11.76% while Germany’s DAXK jumped into third with a YTD gain of [...] The post World Markets Watchlist: June 5,...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 03:28
4 Benefits Not to Miss in Pan-Asian Dividends

Advisors and investors looking to dividends for income opportunities in challenging months ahead shouldn’t overlook potential in Pan-Asia. The KraneShares S&P Pan Asia Dividend Aristocrats ETF (KDIV) offers noteworthy returns, yields, and more this year. It’s a fund to consider for inclusion within portfolios looking ahead to second-half challenges,...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 03:28
Use NSPL to Dampen Volatility, Prepare Portfolios for a Recession

In turbulent markets, low-volatility strategies are designed to dampen volatility and limit the impact of losses on client portfolios. Low-volatility strategies can help investors maintain their target equity exposure more comfortably through choppy markets. Low-volatility strategies can reduce systematic risk in a portfolio. This is particularly true...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 03:28
Direct Indexing Does What ETFs Can’t

Direct indexing has become an increasingly popular option for ultra-high-net-worth investors with unique investment needs. When you look under the hood, that’s not surprising. Direct indexing provides benefits that ETFs cannot. They can offer greater control over investment strategies, increase tax efficiency, and enhance portfolio performance. Enhanced...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 03:28
Look Down the Cap Spectrum for Opportunities in Industrials Sector

Investors looking for lucrative opportunities in the industrials sector may want to look down the cap spectrum. The Invesco S&P SmallCap Industrials ETF (PSCI) has seen a notable spike in interest as small-cap industrial stocks have outperformed in recent weeks and have a constructive outlook. PSCI is based on the S&P SmallCap 600 Capped Industrials...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 03:28

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