Developer portal intro

Every day thousands of people use Inoreader to consume, share and organize content.
If you want to be part of our growing platform, you can use the Inoreader API to help users subscribe to feeds, read articles or catalogue them for viewing later - in this way you’ll accommodate new needs, better the user experience and gain new dedicated fans. What’s more, in doing this you can rely on Inoreader’s powerful backend - just register your application, read the documentation and start calling the API.

Here you will find all the information you may need to build your app. If you have any additional questions about integration, you can always reach us at If you want to add something for other developers like you, feel free to use the comments below each page.

General information and notes

  1. Register your application
  2. API endpoint
  3. Rate limiting
  4. Error handling
  5. Note on User IDs
  6. Article ID formats
  7. Sort IDs
  8. Stream IDs


  1. Application authentication
  2. User authentication (OAuth 2.0) - Recommended
  3. User authentication (ClientLogin) - Deprecated

API Methods

  1. User information
  2. Add subscription
  3. Edit subscription
  4. Unread counts
  5. Subscription list
  6. Folder/Tag list
  7. Stream contents
  8. Item IDs
  9. Stream preferences list
  10. Stream preferences set
  11. Rename tag
  12. Delete tag
  13. Edit tag
  14. Mark all as read
  15. Create active search
  16. Delete active search