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Increase Ideas Portal Discussions With @Mentions

Use @mentions in an ideas portal to have a productive exchange with the right people in the right place.

Tue Nov 28, 2023 18:45
Introducing a Fresh New Look for Aha!

The Aha! website's brand new look brings to life how our software helps product managers build what customers love. An updated color, fresh design palette, and new font round out the visual refresh.

Mon Nov 27, 2023 21:25
How To Keep Internal Product Documentation Fresh

A new year is a great time to evaluate your approach to internal product documentation. Here is some advice from the Aha! team on how to create and refresh your docs so everyone can find what they need, fast.

Fri Nov 17, 2023 18:21
Creatively Interact With Pivot Reports in a Whiteboard

You can now place your pivot report in a new or existing whiteboard. See how you can reorganize, customize, and collaborate on your structured data in a more fluid way.

Thu Nov 16, 2023 17:28
Create a Private Ideas Portal Experience for Your Customers

Enable your customers to submit, comment, and vote on ideas privately within their own organization in Aha! Ideas. Unlock this organization-specific ideas portal experience to enhance customer feedback and discover deeper product insights.

Tue Nov 14, 2023 18:11
How To Move Early-Stage Whiteboard Concepts to Your Product Roadmap

Shift your best ideas into action by connecting virtual whiteboards directly to your product plans in Aha! Roadmaps. Find out how.

Fri Nov 10, 2023 20:02

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