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World Markets Watchlist: June 17, 2024

Our global markets watchlist tracks eight prominent indexes from economies around the world. The list includes the S&P 500 from the United States, the FTSE 100 from England, the DAXK from Germany, the CAC 40 from France, the Nikkei 225 from Japan, the Shanghai from China, the Hang Seng from Hong Kong, and the BSE [...] The post World Markets Watchlist:...

Tue Jun 18, 2024 03:34
Main Management Market Note: June 14, 2024

To learn more about Main Management and how some of our strategies could help you with your investment needs, please contact Darol Ryan, our Head of Sales and National Accounts, at Also check out Main Management CEO Kim Arthur on Twitter and Main Management on LinkedIn. The post Main Management Market Note: June 14, 2024 appeared...

Tue Jun 18, 2024 03:34
Last Week in ETFs: 5 New Target-Maturity Bond ETFs Launch

Last week saw issuers roll out a dozen new ETFs, including launches from AllianceBernstein, OneAscent and YieldMax. Among the other debuts were five new target-maturity bond funds as well as buffer strategies and a new angle on the Nasdaq-100. New Target-Maturity Bond ETFs Invesco unveiled two more BulletShares ETFs. The Invesco BulletShares 2032 High...

Tue Jun 18, 2024 03:34
A Rising Star — Fed Raises Projections for Long Term Fed Funds Rate

The interest rate environment over the past nine months has resembled a pendulum as markets (and Fed officials themselves) attempt to shift from a hiking to an easing regime, normalizing the federal funds rate closer to the long-term neutral target. As we wrote in last week’s note, the Fed faces a conundrum of normalizing interest [...] The post A...

Mon Jun 17, 2024 23:06
Several Pivotal Data Releases for Economic Markets

It has been an active week for economic markets, with several pivotal data releases making headlines. Let’s kick off with the non-farm payrolls report, a significant indicator of economic health, which was released last Friday. The report surprised to the upside, adding 272K jobs, a staggering 50% more than the anticipated 180K, showing resilience in...

Mon Jun 17, 2024 23:06
VettaFi’s Research Is a Wealthie Finalist

VettaFi was recently named a finalist for a Wealth Management award for our Expanded Research Offerings. The “Wealthies” is one of the most prestigious awards programs to us because it celebrates firms that put the wealth management community first. Many of VettaFi’s educational partners are finalists in other categories, including abrdn, BondBloxx,...

Mon Jun 17, 2024 23:06

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