The rules feature of Inoreader is among our tool's key characteristics which facilitates automation and works like the rules in your email client. See more here.

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The filters we've developed and continuously improve are also a key feature of Inoreader and allow you to use the tool in various valuable ways. Find more here.

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Active Search

With Inoreader's active search option you can turn any search into a subscription. Find more details about this feature here.

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Outgoing RSS Feeds

With Inoreader users can transform their folders and other sections into RSS feeds. Learn more about this feature here.

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Daily Digests

Email digests are like newsletters that you can set up for a specific section of your Inoreader. At predefined intervals, your recipients will receive an email with a summary of all new articles in the chosen section. For example, you can send an executive report of your curated articles, keep your colleagues who don't use RSS up to date with a certain topic, or just forward an Active Search once per day to your inbox.

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Automatic OPML Backup

Every hour, Inoreader backs up your OPML file and optionally uploads it to DropBox ot Google Drive, so that your content is safe with you. See more here.

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Sort by Magic

Inoreader allows you to sort your articles not only by date, but also by their engagement score. Find more about the Sort by Magic feature here.

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IFTTT and Zapier Integartion

With Inoreader you can always hook up your IFTTT or Zapier account and interact with thousands of other apps. Find out how here.

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