Content Organization

You are willing to organize your content? Inoreader facilitates this process and makes it easy and simple through tags, folders, and stars. Find more here.

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Discover Content

Discover all the latest news articles, the best RSS feeds, and curated collections. Choose your topic and find all the popular websites here. Then use Inoreader to deliver you the news, instead of you checking in on every website.

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Personalized Dashboard

The dashboard can turn into the most useful part of Inoreader – with it you can have an overall glance at your information flow and the newest bits of content. The dashboard contains a set of gadgets that can show you new or helpful information about your content.

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Keyword Highlights

Highlighters can help you spot important words or phrases in articles. Just add your term, choose a distinct color and you're ready. When you read articles you will see your terms highlighted with your chosen color.

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Free Search

Inoreader allows you to search your whole account for free. Find anything you need fast and easy. Learn more about the feature here.

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Podcast Subscriptions

Do you want to integrate the episodes of your favorite podcasts into your feed? This is now possible with Inoreader's podcast player. Learn more here.

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Save to Pocket, Evernote, OneNote, Google Drive, Dropbox

Inoreader has its own integrations with valuable services like Pocket, EverNote, One Note, Google Drive, and DropBox. Save your articles there with a single click.

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Folders Unread Duration

Folders can keep up to 30 days of unread articles until they are automatically marked as read. You can reduce this period for chosen folders if you are never interested in news older than a day for example.

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Sort by Magic

Inoreader allows you to sort your articles not only by date, but also by their engagement score. Find more about the Sort by Magic feature here.

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Secure Image Proxy

As images are one potential vulnerability spot that can leak personal data, Inoreader's Secure Image Proxy takes care of this issue. Find out how here.

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Articles Translations

If you want to get your articles translated, you don't need any extensions, but can do it directly in the tool. Find out more here.

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Offline Mode

Inoreader's Android and iOS apps can be set up to work offline. Choose the folders you want to access when you have no connection. Learn more here.

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Boosted Feeds

If you want to make sure that your news are not delayed by more than 10 minutes, use the boosted feeds feature. Find out more about it here.

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