Google News

Inoreader brings you all the perks and the convenience of the Google News generator. Find more about this useful feature here.

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The rules feature of Inoreader is among our tool's key characteristics which facilitates automation and works like the rules in your email client. See more here.

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The filters we've developed and continuously improve are also a key feature of Inoreader and allow you to use the tool in various valuable ways. Find more here.

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Newsletter Subscriptions

With Inoreader you can manage your newsletters much more effortlessly, as they are arriving directly to your feed. Find more details here.

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Twitter Feeds

With Inoreader's Twitter feeds option you can subscribe to all your favorite users, searches, and lists and get your Twitter to RSS. Find more here.

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Facebook Page Feeds

Subscribe to any public Facebook page and get all the posts you would not want to miss directly in your feed. Learn more about this here.

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Global Search

While the free search allows you to browse everything in your account, the global search gives you access to all the content on the platform. Learn more here.

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Active Search

With Inoreader's active search option you can turn any search into a subscription. Find more details about this feature here.

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Sort by Magic

Inoreader allows you to sort your articles not only by date, but also by their engagement score. Find more about the Sort by Magic feature here.

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