RSS Subscriptions

RSS subscription is among Inoreader's key features. Learn how you can subscribe to RSS feeds, find all the relevant news, and read on the go here.

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Discover Content

Discover all the latest news articles, the best RSS feeds, and curated collections. Choose your topic and find all the popular websites here. Then use Inoreader to deliver you the news, instead of you checking in on every website.

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Podcast Subscriptions

Do you want to integrate the episodes of your favorite podcasts into your feed? This is now possible with Inoreader's podcast player. Learn more here.

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Google News

Inoreader brings you all the perks and the convenience of the Google News generator. Find more about this useful feature here.

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Newsletter Subscriptions

With Inoreader you can manage your newsletters much more effortlessly, as they are arriving directly to your feed. Find more details here.

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Web Feeds

You are willing to subscribe to a page which does not have an RSS option? No problem, our page to rss feature allows you to integrate any site to your feed.

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Twitter Feeds

With Inoreader's Twitter feeds option you can subscribe to all your favorite users, searches, and lists and get your Twitter to RSS. Find more here.

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Facebook Page Feeds

Subscribe to any public Facebook page and get all the posts you would not want to miss directly in your feed. Learn more about this here.

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Active Search

With Inoreader's active search option you can turn any search into a subscription. Find more details about this feature here.

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Password Protected Feeds

As some feeds require authentication, Inoreader allows users to enter username and password when it detects such cases. Find more here.

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Youtube Subscriptions

Inoreader can periodically synchronize your YouTube subscriptions into a specific folder, so that any channel you follow gets to your feed. See more here.

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