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Molson Canadian: It's Complicated & It's Complicated Pt. 2

Being a Canadian hockey fan is complicated. But you know what's not complicated? Repping Canada's game with a Canadian beer. Canada's beer. Hockey's beer.

Unicef: Don't let the vaccine become a luxury

The Covid-19 vaccine is portrayed as a luxurious product, to underline the unfair distribution gap, as rich countries are clearing the shelves. unicef_luxury_vaccine246x365mm_page_1.jpg   unicef_luxury_vaccine246x365mm_page_2.jpg...

The Venetian Las Vegas: Want the World Launch

The original launch piece of the Want the World campaign for the Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

AAF Cleveland: 2020 Won't Be Winning Any Awards

Commercials running during the virtual award show in between category sections.

Talenti: The Delicious Is In The Details

Dans la Rue: The street doesn't come with instructions

Homeless youth are forced to learn how to cope with all sorts of trying circumstances – some of which verge on the utterly preposterous. By all accounts, life on the street doesn’t come with instructions. ...

Centro Cultural Cine Olaya: Reapertura del Centro Cultural Cine Olaya

Objective of this reactivation campaign focuses on cultural identity as a source of artistic expression that captures the young spirit, creative and tradition of the Olaya cinema cultural center. Concept is authenticity since it seeks to convey the transparency that people have to express themselves. For this reason, the message that it seeks to convey...

Poland Spring: My Origin

In this personal yet majestic spot – shot by director Matt Baron – Dempsey invites us to run alongside him through the beautiful woods of his home state. In doing so, he finds himself reconnecting with his own Maine origins and the crisp water he loves. "My Origin" is the story of 100% natural spring water with a taste like no other, from Maine — a...

MTS Belarus: Long-awaited reunion

Christmas Season is always an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. And this year we haven’t had many chances to get together. To show the importance of every minute spent together, the agency depicted Christmas Tree Toys as the old friends who have not seen each other for the whole year because they were locked in the boxes. And Christmas...

Lenovo: Metal Reviews

Many consumers turn to product reviews before buying a new gaming computer. In this ad campaign from Lenovo, computer reviews from industry sites The Verge and Manofmany are turned into metal songs. Sit back and listen to lyrics like “10th Gen Intel Core processors” and “attractive, yet plainly designed gaming laptop” before making a decision on whether...

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