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Netflix: Cowboy Bebop Promo


CarMax: Call Your Shot

Video of CarMax | Instant Offers | Stephen Curry Video of CarMax | 30-Day Money Back Returns | Candace Parker + Sue Bird + Stephen Curry Video of CarMax | Money Back Guarantee | Stephen Curry

Facebook Portal: A real connection

Nearly 2 million UK grandparents only see their grandchildren once a year. So, whilst many families have been able to reconnect in person, the reality is most British families remain separated by geography, especially grandparents from their grandchildren. The campaign sets out to show that Portal allows these two generations to share more real moments...

Carma Social Interventions: #WarnOfBullying

How can we encourage people to pay more attention to bullying? Turning one of its more classic forms into a warning. October 20 is world day to combat bullying. Do as the people who warned and tell you who needs help to count on you. The warning has an ambiguous understanding, because those who see from afar read only KICK ME, but when reading closely...

Polar: Polar Durga Puja

Durga Puja – the October Fest of Eastern India, is not only the biggest festival, but something Bengalis plan their year around. This festival celebrates the homecoming of goddess Durga along with her children, riding on vessels or Vahans. Just like we get by our daily lives with our modern-day Vahans - Polar Appliances. Polar saves our time and energy...

Stamma: Not Just One Day

STAMMA, the British Stammering Association, marks International Stammering Awareness Day with the launch of a petition and supporting film calling for people who stammer to be visibly and authentically portrayed in the media. The comical film, Not Just One Day, follows the inner monologue of someone who doesn’t really believe in petitions, and finds...

Hyundai: Details can be important

In order to raise awareness to the importance of early diagnosis of breast cancer, the ad was released in October during the breast cancer awareness month inspired by the logo of the Hyundai brand. ads_cancer_hy_campaign.png  

Vilnius: Vilnius' Christmas Carol

Vilnius comes back to laugh at its own obscurity, but this time with a Christmas film. Inspired by the overwhelming amount of wrong answers received from Western Europeans when they were asked about Vilnius' location, a unique Christmas Carol was created. To make it even more special, Jauna Muzika choir was invited to perform this new song, while scenes...

Kettle: David

Video of Kettle | David

Hype: All the energy

The exact translation of the slogan is: All this energy, gathered in one place. The slogan is tunable by a sense of hip hop style in Persian to communicate better with Hype’s audience. They wanted to launch their new product in Iran’s market which was a new SKU of 185 ml product. The challenge was showing the exact product, because there was no any...

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