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United Overseas Bank: UOB Cheese It Instagram AR Game

For Chinese New Year 2020, we built this fun and easy to play Instagram AR game for UOB Bank. Called "Cheese it" the user has to move their face left and right, open their mouth and eat or grab the cheese and avoid the fire crackers! Part of Collection ...

COVID-19: We Are Asians

Since the global onset of COVID-19 and the fury ignition as President Donald Trump addressed the COVID-19 as “the Chinese virus” in March 2020, and the number of racist assaults and hate crimes towards the Asian has been skyrocketing all over the world, significantly in America. We, the Asians, are punched, kicked, spitted on, mocked, yelled at, and...

Dyson: Supersonic

runmingdai_assignment2_1.jpg   runmingdai_assignment2_2.jpg   runmingdai_assignment2_3.jpg  

Close Zoos: Protests

Not even a global pandemic makes some people accept to be in lockdown. Why accept other species confinement so easily then? close_zoo_protest_kv_2.jpg   close_zoo_protest_kv_3.jpg   ...

CompanyCam: Deck Pics

The hilarious new short shows the struggles of “Luke’s first day” at CompanyCam when taking his first call from a new user named Mick Keller from Auckland, New Zealand. You won’t believe what Mick was using the app for..

Sizzer & Sehsucht: A Love Letter to the Creative Industry

Dutch music agency Sizzer and German animation studio Sehsucht didn’t give in to the cancellation of Cannes Lions, but interviewed 60 (!) people via Zoom, created an awesome music video and organized the virtual release party Yes We Cannes! last week instead. The theme: that what binds us all, love. ‘It was so great to catch up with everyone!’ ...

Sirius Animal Shelter: Pet Dreams

People under quarantine for the first time felt how it is being cooped up within four walls, while animals that always feel that way in a shelter would give everything to find a home and stay there forever. sirius_case_ws_eng.jpg  

Volkswagen: Sorry

Volkswagen launched an exceptional offer on a series of models, that includes 3 financing’s tranches paid, maintenance and health insurance. An incredible deal for everyone. Well, almost everyone. Because right now there are 5 astronauts on the ISS and they are the only ones who can’t take advantage of the special offer. From this, the idea of creating...

KIA: Slow Dogs

When you’re driving and suddenly need to hit the brakes, every millisecond counts. Having a short reaction time can be the difference between an accident or just a near-miss. Fortunately, the Kia Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist is there to step in and stop the car safely, in case you fail to react on time. To illustrate how this feature works, we...

Ensure: Moments, The Gift

Working closely with DDB Dubai and Abbott, electriclimefilms Dubai and Sydney teams teamed up to produce a campaign for Abbott's Ensure and create two moving films that portray a touching testament on how family and loved ones stay together, even when they can't be together. The films feature the strong relationships that parents and their children...

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