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Google at NeurIPS 2023

Posted by Catherine Armato, Program Manager, Google This week the 37th annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2023), the biggest machine learning conference of the year, kicks off in New Orleans, LA. Google is proud to be a Diamond Level sponsor of NeurIPS this year and will have a strong presence with >170 accepted...

Sun Dec 10, 2023 16:33
Sparsity-preserving differentially private training

Posted by Yangsibo Huang, Research Intern, Google Research; Chiyuan Zhang, Research Scientist, Google Research Large embedding models have emerged as a fundamental tool for various applications in recommendation systems [1, 2] and natural language processing [3, 4, 5]. Such models enable the integration of non-numerical data into deep learning...

Fri Dec 8, 2023 22:09
VALID: A perceptually validated virtual avatar library for inclusion and diversity

Posted by Mar Gonzalez-Franco, Research Scientist, Google AR & VR As virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies continue to grow in popularity, virtual avatars are becoming an increasingly important part of our digital interactions. In particular, virtual avatars are at the center of many social VR and AR interactions, as they...

Thu Dec 7, 2023 21:56
Google at EMNLP 2023

Posted by Malaya Jules, Program Manager, Google Google is proud to be a Diamond Sponsor of Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP 2023), a premier annual conference, which is being held this week in Sentosa, Singapore. Google has a strong presence at this year’s conference with over 65 accepted papers and active involvement...

Wed Dec 6, 2023 05:25
A new quantum algorithm for classical mechanics with an exponential speedup

Posted by Robin Kothari and Rolando Somma, Research Scientists, Google Research, Quantum AI Team Quantum computers promise to solve some problems exponentially faster than classical computers, but there are only a handful of examples with such a dramatic speedup, such as Shor’s factoring algorithm and quantum simulation. Of those few examples,...

Tue Dec 5, 2023 02:18
Summary report optimization in the Privacy Sandbox Attribution Reporting API

Posted by Hidayet Aksu, Software Engineer, and Adam Sealfon, Research Scientist, Google In recent years, the Privacy Sandbox initiative was launched to explore responsible ways for advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, by aiming to deprecate third-party cookies (subject to resolving any competition concerns with the...

Mon Dec 4, 2023 21:48

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