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Fun in the Sun

It’s that time of the year when we need to be reminded of what it means to be “Sun Smart”. Let’s see if we can plan and practise strategies to promote sun safety in our school and community. Starting off Please watch these Behind the News episodes about Sun Damage Sun Safety UV Warning After you have watched the three episodes choose one episode and...

Playground Designers

Stage 2 have been investigating our built environment here at school – specifically our playground areas. They decided that our playground needed an upgrade and so went about deciding how they could change their environment so that it better suited the needs of the students at our school. First they looked at the playground areas (Areas 6 & 7)...

Stage 2 Speeches

Stage 2 students have been busy all term with public speaking and writing interesting speeches. They have been learning about eye contact, stance, clarity, engaging introductions and using expression when speaking. They have had lots of time to get better and better at speaking in front of their friends, their group and their class; but today they...

Going Dotty!

S1 Jacaranda class made their mark today by designing beautiful coloured dots to celebrate International Dot Day. “International Dot Day is a global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration” and students get involved by designing wonderful dots and sharing these online. We watched a film clip of the story “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds, and...

Book Lanterns Light Up the Library

  Teachers and classes got into the Book Week spirit and made some fabulous Book Week character lanterns. The Library looks beautiful with all of our lanterns fluttering in the breeze! Thank you everyone for your hard work and creative ideas – you are AMAZING  

Books Light Up Our World

We have been working hard designing and drawing our favourite book for the paper lanterns that will light up our Library. Here is a close-up look at some of the amazing lanterns we have so far:   What do you think? What is YOUR favourite book? Leave your answer in the comments section below.

Are You Ready To Be Awesome?

Everyone needs some encouragement now and then, and today is the day you can create AWESOME! Watch this pep-talk clip by KidPresident, and get ready to be the best you can be Please leave a comment telling us what you will be creating, investigating or trying!

Why Do You Read?

These kids read for lots of different reasons. Watch this clip and think about why you read?       Leave a comment below to tell us why YOU read!!!

What Are You Wondering?

The world is an interesting place and this website has so many interesting things to find out about. Have a look at some of the pages on the Wonderopolis site and start thinking about something that gets your wondering! WONDEROPOLIS Leave a comment to let us know what you are wondering  

Cyber Safe Stage 2

Hello Stage 2 Are you ready to explore some great sites that inform us about being safe on the internet. Have a look at one of these sites and leave a comment telling us THE MOST IMPORTANT THING you have learnt about being safe on the internet! Brain POP   Hippo and Hedgehog Cyber 5   Privacy Playground   Leave a comment telling us THE MOST IMPORTANT...

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