“This is Product Management” interviews brilliant minds across the numerous disciplines that fuel the modern product manager. Episodes span from arts to science, tactics to strategies, confessions to professions. Take a deep dive into user experience
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317 - Investigative Reporting is Product Management

Ari Zelmanow is Head of UX Research for Twilio's Communications business. A retired police detective turned market detective, Ari now investigates human behavior as it relates to shopping, buying, and using products to deliver valuable outcomes for businesses. In this episode, Ari and Roddy dive into how adopting a newsroom room approach enables research...

Mon Oct 2, 2023 08:41
316 - Experience Design is Product Management

The latest episode of "This is Product Management" features Tricia Houston, Founder and COO of The ExperienceBuilt Group. In this episode, Tricia dives deep into the concept of experience and why she believes it's not just the responsibility of a specific department but something that every member of your organization should embrace. She highlights...

Mon Jul 17, 2023 08:31
315 - Marketing to Black Audiences is Product Management

The latest episode of "This is Product Management" features Pepper Miller, President of the Hunter-Miller Group, who highlights how impactful it is for executives to understand and maximize their audiences' differences. Learn how she convinced companies to spend time and money researching black audiences. TIPM, brought to you by DISQO, features the...

Mon Jun 5, 2023 08:48
314 - Embracing Accessibility is Product Management

In the latest episode of "This is Product Management" Jonas Klink, Vice President of Product and UX Design at Thrive Market, discusses his passion for accessibility and the three-step framework to implement it at the core of every product. Learn also about the craft of product management and how to ensure mission and vision are always front and center....

Mon May 8, 2023 09:01
313 - Integrating Customer Feedback is Product Management

This latest episode of "This is Product Management" features Dan Erickson, CEO and founder of Viable. He shares his perspective on the importance of customer feedback and explains how Viable uses generative AI to manage this process. Learn about the shift AI is bringing into feedback collection and its analysis.  TIPM is produced by Feedback Loop by...

Mon Apr 3, 2023 09:03
312 - Not Trusting the Process is Product Management

The latest episode of "This is Product Management" features Anna Marie Clifton, who explains how often process is seen as a hindrance, whereas it should instead be considered as an accelerant to getting things done, as "it gets everyone on the same page about how things get done." Learn how product managers can use process development to build smoother...

Mon Feb 27, 2023 08:24

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