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Cooming soon

Great things to come

Second place at Unpossib.ly Machine Learning Typing Competition

Competition LeaderboardUser  Total TweetsTotal WordsScoreakovski   🇯🇵6,00065,13471,317.5Alex M   6,00065,27458,525.5Team Dedomena   🇨🇦6,00065,21449,325.0ronentk   🇫🇷6,00064,97642,356.5Alexander Movchan   🇷🇺6,00065,29330,560.0Bai   🇯🇵6,00065,21421,067.0Steven   🇨🇳4,00043,5128,992.0pbcquoc   🇻🇳5,99965,1008,255.5Team Porygon   🇸🇬5,63861,1788,071.5Pritimay...

My solution to Kaggle Allen AI Challenge

For the past almost two months I have been competing in a Kaggle challenge about solving a multiple choice question and answers from a standardized 8th grade science exam. I've found it quite interesting so I would like to share my approach.Although  this may look like a usual question answering (QA) task, the fact that 4 possible answers were provided...

List of RNN resources

CodesTheano - PythonSimple IPython tutorial on TheanoDeep Learning TutorialsRNN for semantic parsing of speechLSTM network for sentiment analysisPylearn2 : Library that wraps a lot of models and training algorithms in deep learningBlocks : modular framework that enables building neural network modelsKeras : Theano-based deep learning library similar...

Kaggle master

On Detecting Messaging Abuse in Short Text Messages using Linguistic and Behavioral patterns

The use of short text messages in social media and instant messaging has become a popular communication channel during the last years. This rising popularity has caused an increment in messaging threats such as spam, phishing or malware as well as other threats. The processing of these short text message threats could pose additional challenges such...

Mining Lexical Variants from Microblogs: An Unsupervised Multilingual Approach

@InProceedings{mosquera-moredapozo:2014:LASM, author = {Mosquera, Alejandro and Moreda Pozo, Paloma}, title = {Mining Lexical Variants from Microblogs: An Unsupervised Multilingual Approach}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Language Analysis for Social Media (LASM)}, month = {April}, year = {2014}, address...

Playing around with TinyJSid


Getting Tweets using the 1.1 API and JavaScript NOAUTH-less

How to: http://www.jasonmayes.com/projects/twitterApi/

Software and resources for measuring semantic similarity

================================================Systems that provide a variety of measures :================================================Based on WordNet and include measures based on path length, depth, information content, and may include relatedness measures like lesk, vector, hso1) WordNet::Similarity http://wn-similarity.sourceforge.net2) NLTK...

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