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Easily add document scanning capability to your app with ML Kit Document Scanner API

Posted by Thomas Ezan – Sr. Developer Relations Engineer; Chengji Yan, Penny Li – ML Kit Engineers; David Miro Llopis – Product Manager We are excited to announce the launch of the ML Kit Document Scanner API. This new API makes it easy to add advanced document scanning capabilities with a high-quality and consistent user interface to your...

Sat Feb 24, 2024 20:11
The First Developer Preview of Android 15

Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering We're releasing the first Developer Preview of Android 15 today so you, our developers, can collaborate with us to build a better Android. Android 15 continues our work to build a platform that helps improve your productivity while giving you new capabilities to produce superior media experiences,...

Fri Feb 16, 2024 22:14
#WeArePlay | How two sea turtle enthusiasts are revolutionizing marine conservation

Posted by Leticia Lago – Developer Marketing When environmental science student Caitlin returned home from a trip monitoring sea turtles in Western Australia, she was inspired to create a conservation tool that could improve tracking of the species. She connected with a French developer and fellow marine life enthusiast Nicolas...

Wed Feb 14, 2024 19:02
Cloud photos now available in the Android photo picker

Posted by Roxanna Aliabadi Walker – Product Manager Available now with Google Photos Our photo picker has always been the gateway to your local media library, providing a secure, date-sorted interface for users to grant apps access to selected images and videos. But now, we're taking it a step further by integrating cloud photos from...

Tue Feb 13, 2024 19:00
Prompt users to update to your latest app version

Posted by Lidia Gaymond – Product Manager, Google Play For years, Google Play has helped users enjoy the latest versions of your app through auto-updates or in-app updates. While most users update their apps this way, some may still be stuck on outdated, unsupported or broken versions of your app. Today, we are introducing a new tool...

Tue Jan 30, 2024 00:12
What’s new in the Jetpack Compose January ’24 release

Posted by Ben Trengrove, Android Developer Relations Engineer Today, as part of the Compose January ‘24 Bill of Materials, we’re releasing version 1.6 of Jetpack Compose, Android's modern, native UI toolkit that is used by apps such as Threads, Reddit, and Dropbox. This release largely focuses on performance improvements, as we continue...

Wed Jan 24, 2024 23:08

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