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I Review "The Peripheral" by William Gibson at Strange Horizons

So after four years of radio silence on the fiction front, William Gibson came out with a new SF novel, The Peripheral. I couldn't help but get in on that action, by which I mean, I reviewed it for Strange Horizons.A quick plug: Strange Horizons is having a fundraiser drive right now. If you've liked my reviews, other people's reviews, other people's...

I'm Back (Soon)

So it turns out I have a lot of thoughts about a bunch of media, and I want to come back to writing about these things!So I'll be back soon. But I'm also going to do a bit of an overhaul--I need a new name, I may move this to my own server, things like that. So watch this space, if only for a redirect.(But I didn't come back just to say this. I wrote...

New Job! And Other Changes

Now that I have an official start date, I can announce it properly: starting next Monday, I'll be a Science Writer for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory!(And yes, this does mean I moved across seven states--I'm still unpacking.)I'm so excited about this, everyone! I've done science professionally for a long time, and written about it on the side,...


... was the working title of a press release I recently wrote for the University of Maryland. The work is also featured in other news media, including National Geographic, New Scientist, and LA Times. "Killer Sperm" are exactly as gruesome and gross, and therefore cool, as it sounds--so after you've read those links, go check out the original paper...

Translation: Pasteur Wuz Here

Last week I hopped on a flight and went to visit a good friend in Paris! I saw all the usual haunts--Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacre-Coeur, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Musée d'Orsay ... but the most important landmark to me, of course, was on a little-known street in the southwest of Paris that I had to flag down a native in order to find ... and yes,...

My Review Of "The Making of Miasma" by Henry Escaya Is Live At Strange Horizons

I wrote a review of "The Making of Miasma", a near-future SFF novel, and it's up now at Strange Horizons. They have loads more reviews of recent books and movies--so please do check them out!

My Article Is Live!

In case you were wondering where I've been the last few weeks, some of it's a secret ... but some of it isn't. I started freelancing for the University of Maryland's College of Mathematical & Natural Sciences. It's been great so far! There's so much research going on, and I've been really enjoying this opportunity to talk with lots of scientists...

Aperture Science Airplane Mode

So I was recently on a flight that experienced a fair amount of turbulence. That doesn't bother me, but there were a couple of vertical drops that had me mildly concerned. I say mildly, because while my adrenaline surge is reflexive, my philosophy is that if anything mechanically goes wrong on a plane, nothing I do will affect it, so I might as well...

All Your Base Are NNNNNNNNNN

A: I don't think I have the funding to get this sequenced. I wish I had a Genomics Fairy Godmother.B: I've got a Genomics Fairy Godmother. She waves her Illumina HiSeq and out drops three gigs of FASTQ reads. The only problem is, at midnight, all the sequences turn into@PUMPKINATCGATCGATCGATCGATCGATCGATCGATCGATCGATCGATCGATCGATCGATCG+HAHA_SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My "Almost Human" Review Is Up At Strange Horizons!

I wrote a review of Almost Human for Strange Horizons, which is an amazing online publisher of SFF short fiction, in addition to reviews. You can read my review here! And then please join me in hoping really hard that Fox renews for season two.(I've been having so many thoughts on Almost Human that I've decided to initiate a complete rewatch, during...

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