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Just Launched! — A Better Way To Organize Notes

Our team at Aha! loves using notes for unstructured information. But internal documentation can become unwieldy as teams and programs grow. We knew we needed to create a better way to browse through all of our documents. And if your team loves using notes as much as we do, I will bet that you have been hoping for an update here too. You can now see...

Just Launched! — Automatically Calculate Release Dates for Large Projects

Forecasting completion dates for large projects is often a challenge. No matter how skilled you are at planning, it is nearly impossible to anticipate what is up ahead new customer feedback, scope changes, dependencies, and cross-functional delays. What can you do to keep your plans perfectly aligned? Quickly incorporate any adjustments to the schedule...

The New Chief Hope Officer

"What do we get paid for?" I was asked to speak to a group of product leaders recently at a major private equity firm. And this is how I opened up the presentation  with a big-picture question about what it is product managers do. If you look back at what I have written on the Aha! blog and in my book, Lovability, the answer seems easy.

My Name Is Debbie Fougere — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Life is full of teachable moments. I grew up in a small town in New Brunswick, Canada, surrounded by educators. My parents, grandmother, as well as several aunts and uncles were all school teachers. While I always appreciated the value of teaching, I wanted to forge my own path. This required leaving my hometown and seeking out different people and...

Aha! Launches New Programs to Support Social Justice

We believe that you create lovability by putting people first  because every single person has value. That is why the last few weeks have been heartbreaking for so many of us. It has made us think deeply about our broader role in creating social justice and equal opportunities for people who have been discriminated against and killed because of the...

The 6 Best New Aha! Features

Together apart. With so many teams working from home, laying out exactly what you want to accomplish and why has never been more important. A strong plan keeps everyone moving in the same direction. Over the past few months, many of you have told us how Aha! keeps your team focused and connected.


Chartreuse or lime. Can you tell the difference? These two shades of green-yellow look remarkably similar to the untrained eye. But look closer and you will see a world of subtle differences. Each unique hue reflects a particular wavelength of light. I believe the same is true for two related yet distinct leadership positions in established companies...

My Name Is Gary Cohen — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

How are products made? Growing up in South Africa, I was able to see the process firsthand. I spent school holidays working on the production line in my father's factory. He ran a successful food manufacturing business producing dry goods for retail and wholesale trade. It was fascinating to see each successive step of the production process up close....

Business Roadmaps vs. Product Roadmaps

Roadmaps make strategy work. This is particularly true at the business level. Roadmaps are useful for visualizing the plan for how the organization as a whole will achieve the company's longer-term vision. Business roadmaps also have a unique relationship with product roadmaps one that is important for both executive and product teams to understand.

Just Launched! — Instantly Share Notes as Secure Webpages With Your Team

Meeting agendas. Customer interviews. Sprint retrospectives. These are just a few types of information teams need to capture and share. This is why we created special note templates for these content types. But sometimes you need to share notes with teammates who are not yet using Aha! folks in sales, support, partners, and even customers. Now you...

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