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A New Record Type for Improved Idea Management

214 votes. This is how many of you wanted to be able to group submitted ideas by customer. It was our third most popular idea, but our product team could not evaluate the true need by votes alone. How many different companies contributed to that vote count? Did they have an active subscription? And what have we delivered for them lately? We knew that...

Aha! Welcomes Maryville Consulting Group to Partner Program

Great partnerships are powerful. Last year, we launched the Aha! partner program to give our customers access to Aha! certified advisors who can help folks use our software. Today, we are happy to welcome a new partner. Maryville Consulting Group is a professional services firm that guides businesses through digital transformation. Clients seek Maryville...

Meet the Aha! Fellows — Spring 2021 Class

Success is an invitation to give back. I am proud that our team at Aha! is helping thousands of customers build towards a better future. But I believe the most meaningful reverberation of success is not measured in revenue or growth but in the willingness to give our time, resources, and knowledge where it is needed. This is why it is so gratifying...

The Top 6 New Aha! Features in Q1 2021

Your 2021 roadmap is set. And now the team is hard at work making progress against it. So this quarter, we focused our own efforts on helping you do exactly that. We launched a number of important new features and made progress against our goal of improving your everyday experience with our software. Keep reading to see what is new and remember that...

The Product Manager vs. the Product Portfolio Manager

Ambition is in your nature. It is why you got into product management. You have an innate desire to find ways to improve and drive value. And you are eager to advance in your career because career growth means more responsibility and more opportunities to achieve. Growing into a director-level role and managing a portfolio of products is a natural next...

Automatically Sync the Status of Epics and Features

Under consideration. In progress. Shipped! Statuses help you stay on track and see how work is progressing. You always want to have the latest showing for the work your team is chugging along on. This way, you can get an accurate view of progress whether you are skimming the features board or reporting on major efforts. Status automation is a useful...

Product Management All-Star: 6 Questions with Katie Saindon

Katie Saindon is passionate about solving customer problems. She currently leads the team building the core components and services that enable GE Healthcare's digital customer experience products including the user management framework, notification service, payment engine, and more. Based in Tampa, Florida, Katie has more than 5 years of experience...

Your Roadmap Is a Promise (Do You Keep It?)

Must-do's vs. may-do's. An Aha! teammate recently shared the system she uses for helping her kids manage schoolwork. They make a list of must-do tasks each week. After finishing their must-do's, the kids can move on to a may-do list bonus items for extra credit. This got me thinking about must-do and may-do tasks at work. As a product manager, you...

Include Strategy Roadmaps and Gantt Charts in Your Reporting Dashboards

Plans. Progress. KPIs. You need a holistic view to glean meaningful insights about how your product is performing. I will bet you frequently analyze multiple roadmaps, reports, and charts side by side. If this sounds like you, you will be happy with today's update. We just made it possible to see even more data at a glance.

Initiatives vs. Epics vs. Features

Have you ever worked with a disorganized product manager? It almost sounds like an oxymoron. The best product managers I know take pride in bringing order to product plans. Grouping units of work into initiatives, epics, and features provides a structure that helps you align on what you will deliver and why it matters.

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