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The Founder's Paradox: How to Treat Everyone Differently and the Same

It is up to a founder to create a structure with a clear set of values that apply to everyone while engaging with people differently. Everyone should receive the same level of respect.

Create Better Engineering Documentation With Note Templates in Aha! Develop

Business rules, response plans, meeting agendas the wiki in Aha! Develop is the perfect spot to store shared knowledge that engineers need to guide their work. Access new note templates for quick and repeatable documentation that the team can collaboratively create.

Visualize Estimates in Story Points on the Capacity Report

You can now visualize the workload of each person in story points or time on the capacity report in Aha! Roadmaps.

The Real Secret Behind Every Great Product Manager

What makes for a great product manager? Experience. Empathy. Technical skills. These are all worthy attributes. But the real secret behind every great product manager is an exceptional product team.

Meet the Fall 2021 Aha! Fellows

Twice a year, we welcome people from historically underrepresented racial, ethnic, and disadvantaged groups for eight weeks of full-time, immersive learning with a focus on entrepreneurship, product management, and customer success. We are thrilled to welcome our third and largest Aha! fellowship class.

My Name is Kyle d'Oliveira — This is Why I Joined Aha!

Kyle is a member of the Aha! engineering team. Learn how his software development experience led him to Aha! and discover if a career here is right for you.

Introducing Dark Mode for Aha! Develop

You can now select dark mode (or light mode) in Aha! Develop to work the way you want. This new functionality adds to our overall customization options for Aha! Develop.

New Interactive Roadmap Presentations

Presentations in Aha! Roadmaps are now interactive. You can preview record details right from a secure webpage or live presentation so you can see a snapshot of what the work entails.

You Need To Say No at Work

Saying no when your teammates, boss, or customers ask you for something is difficult but it is vital when the request or opportunity is not aligned with your goals. Here is how to do it.

Best New Aha! Features Launched in Q3 2021

Eight years. One year. One month. These are the respective ages of our three products Aha! Roadmaps, Aha! Ideas, and Aha! Develop. While each is in a different stage of growth, one thing is clear: We are more energized than ever to give product teams everything you need to build brilliant software and be happy doing it.

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