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My Name Is Amy Ellis — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Say hi to Amy a senior product marketing manager who loves helping customers understand how to get the most value out of Aha! software.

New Extensions To Boost Your Productivity in Aha! Develop

Our engineers recently created three new extensions to save them time in Aha! Develop. Zoom around your workflow board, set reminders in a single click, and track the time you spend working.

Sync Salesforce Opportunity Details With Aha! Ideas

Features alone rarely clinch a deal. Customers want to feel confident in the value your product provides and the Complete Product Experience (CPE) you offer. But product decisions must make sense at the feature level too. You need to understand what customers are asking for and be able to evaluate the business impact of implementing those requests....

10 Pros and Cons of Bootstrapping

Bootstrapping is more than how a business is funded. It is a mindset. But it is not for everyone. There are real pros and cons to being bootstrapped  you work hard, you are responsible, you may not earn money, and more.

My Name is Erik Johnson — This Is What I Achieve at Aha!

See how Erik, our senior knowledge base manager, applies his passion for helping people to his career in tech.

Bring Reported Issues From an Ideas Portal Into Aha! Develop

Some teams use their ideas portal to collect customer issues. You can now import reported issues from an ideas portal in Aha! Roadmaps directly into Aha! Develop to streamline service requests.

Create Custom Workspace Templates in Aha! Roadmaps

You can now create custom workspace templates in Aha! Roadmaps to quickly and repeatably drive standards and best practices across teams.

The One Metric Every Product Team Should Track (Yet Few Do)

What product managers choose to prioritize today has a real impact on your customers happiness, the longevity of your product, and the future of your company. But how do you choose the right features to invest in? Value-based measurement is the answer.

Product Management All-Star: 6 Questions With Kalyndra Craven

Kalyndra Craven is a director of product operations at Thomson Reuters. Based in Michigan, Kalyndra is an expert in all things product operations and project management.

New Cycle And Lead Time Report in Aha! Develop

Use the new cycle and lead time report in Aha! Develop to understand how long it takes to deliver work so you can more accurately set delivery dates.

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