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Product Management All-Star: 6 Questions With Naill Mclean

Our team at Aha! has the pleasure of working with exceptional product managers who are shaping the future. Based in Scotland, Naill Mclean currently leads a product team that builds content for a number of tools at insightsoftware.

Visualize Voting Trends for Every Customer Idea

Idea management just got easier. You can now view insights like voting trends, popularity, related ideas, and more all in one spot in Aha! Ideas. Use this data to prioritize feedback faster and determine which ideas to pursue.

Customer Requests vs. Ideas

Customer requests vs. customer ideas. Learn how great product managers evaluate customer feedback and uncover the larger idea behind a one-off request.

A New Way to Request Work From Other Cross-Functional Teams

Need a better way to coordinate cross-team work? You can now assign work requests to other teams in Aha! Roadmaps and automatically track cross-functional dependencies.

The 7 Report Templates Every Product Manager Needs

Product management report templates and simple tips on how to use them so product managers can report on plans, progress, and customer ideas.

Are You Stuck as an Individual Contributor?

Moving from an individual contributor to a manager role is not for everyone. Learn about new principal roles and how they benefit people and organizations.

Product Management All-Star: 6 Questions With Katie Richie

Katie Richie has been amplifying how people work for almost 20 years. She is a product development operations manager at UKG, which delivers HR and workforce management solutions. Katie supports a suite of experience-led global workforce management and human capital management solutions.

Build Custom Templates for Initiatives and Epics

When you build repeatable and consistent workflows, it is easier for everyone to move plans forward with urgency. That is why we continue to invest in new ways to help you standardize major areas of work that inform your product roadmap. You can now create custom templates for initiatives and epics in Aha! Roadmaps.

This Is Why Innovation Programs Fail

While most everyone agrees that innovation is worthwhile, few know how to manage or measure it. Find out why it is important to create a successful innovation program and how to start one at your company.

Best New Aha! Features Launched in Q2 2021

Momentum. You need it to keep your plans moving forward every day and hit each milestone on your roadmap. And you need it to keep charging towards your end-of-year goals. Ensuring you can be that unstoppable force is part of what gives us momentum too. This quarter we introduced a brand new product, shipped hundreds of improvements, and launched exciting...

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