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My Name Is Dale Potter — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

A small amount of courage can have a huge impact. I was introverted as a kid and struggled to form meaningful friendships. I wanted to participate in team sports and join a band, but my shyness held me back from connecting with the people around me. When I was 15, I had a major realization  I could either stay in my comfort zone or push myself to contribute....

Just Launched! — New Ways to Understand Customers Through Empathy Sessions

Bringing people together for a meaningful conversation is never simple. RSVPs, time zones, competing priorities, and more  it is a lot to navigate. But staying connected to your customers is vitally important. You need to deeply understand how they think and feel in order to deliver meaningful solutions. This is exactly why we created empathy sessions....

19 Questions All Curious Product Managers Ask

"I spend two-thirds of the time thinking about what people want to hear and one-third thinking about what I want to say." You might think this is a quote from a modern-day business leader. But it is actually a quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln  way back in the 1800s. If you are a product manager, you can probably relate to the sentiment of empathizing...

B2B Product Managers vs. B2C Product Managers

"What do I need to do to make a shift from B2C to B2B?" A senior product manager once asked me this during an interview. It is a good question with a simple answer. Not too much if you use your core product building skills and have the right mindset. Beyond the typical new-job work of getting to know the company, the product, the team, and the customers,...

My Name is Micaela Wright — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

You could call me competitive. But I like to think of myself as addicted to achievement. It is something I attribute to my grandfather. He was a fire chief and my personal hero. When I was young, we would play rather aggressive games of UNO and Yahtzee! on camping trips. He was even known to throw his cards in frustration from time to time. The passion...

Just Launched! — Improved Layouts for Managing Requirements and Initiatives

We think you should be able to customize the tools you depend on every day. That is one reason we delivered new designs for record drawer and details views and allowed you to change the layouts to make them your own. You told us that we should extend these capabilities even further to all records in Aha!

Use Case vs. User Story

Scrum. Kanban. Points. From the manifesto to the frameworks, agile can be like learning a new language. Especially if you are a new product manager or developer working on an agile team for the first time. It is even trickier to grasp these concepts behind the lingo when the purposes overlap in some way. Take use cases and user stories.

Aha! Welcomes Industry Leaders to New Partner Program

We are fortunate that our growth has been both organic and significant. Those two characteristics rarely go together. Aha! is the obvious choice globally for roadmapping software, with more than 5,000 enterprise customers and 400,000 users. This is a reflection of both our product and our team. And as unparalleled as our incredibly responsive customer...

My Name Is Chrissi Bernardo — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Some kids know exactly what they want to be when they grow up. Not me. But my family always said I would make a great lawyer. My dad is an attorney we are both detail-oriented, talkative (some would say persuasive), and intent on solving problems. So I defaulted to pre-law in college even though I was not sure of my path. In my first semester, I took...

Introducing In-App Community Feedback

The best feedback is direct. Immediate and unfiltered reactions can help you understand exactly what people are experiencing. The problem is typically only a small subset of customers ever share their thoughts with you. And the feedback you do get is often shared in quick bursts with no way for you to interact in real time with the person. So we created...

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