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Fighting cookie theft using device bound sessions

Cookies – small files created by sites you visit – are fundamental to the modern web. They make your online experience easier by saving browsing information, so that sites can do things like keep you signed in and remember your site preferences. Due to their powerful utility, cookies are also a lucrative target for attackers. Many users across...

Tue Apr 2, 2024 19:06
Speedometer 3: Building a benchmark that represents the web

Today’s The Fast and the Curious post covers the release of Speedometer 3.0 an upgraded browser benchmarking tool to optimize the performance of Web applications. In collaboration with major web browser engines, Blink/V8, Gecko/SpiderMonkey, and WebKit/JavaScriptCore, we’re excited to release Speedometer 3.0. Benchmarks, like Speedometer,...

Wed Mar 13, 2024 22:54
Optimizing Safe Browsing checks in Chrome

Balancing security and usability is always top of mind for us as we strive to stay on top of the constantly evolving threat landscape while building products that are delightful to use. To that end, we'd like to announce a few recent changes to how Chrome works with Google Safe Browsing to keep you safe online while optimizing for smooth and uninterrupted...

Wed Mar 13, 2024 22:54

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