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Mysterious message from Jordan Snowe #VIVEPORTAL

A new message for the #VIVEPORTAL ARG Dear VR Community, To find new solutions to make our products more transformational, we at HTC are continuously uncovering different worlds and dimensions.  Unexpectedly, we stumbled upon this audio transmission from Jordan Snowe, who we discovered to be the leader of The Resistance against the Overseers of the...

Announcing the Top 3 #VIVEPORTAL ARG content creators for Phase 1

#VIVEPORTAL ARG Wall of Awesomeness The response from the community was overwhelmingly positive, so much that we managed to unite community members and content creators to take on the challenge as a single, unstoppable force. Here are some of our favorite comments people made on social media. Of course, we couldn’t have done any of this...

HTC ARG #VIVEPORTAL Phase 1 Highlights

#VIVEPORTAL Phase 1 Highlights Phase 1 of our very first ARG has come to an end! The free thinkers from our time period have successfully identified the location and venue of the #VIVEPORTAL, the V hotel of Dubai.  They’ve also solved the secret itinerary for those who are destined to channel their creativity through the portal, thus saving the future...

VR Influencer interviews HTC’s Yu-kai Chou

Interview of Yu-kai Chou with VR Influencer Eric for President HTC has always cared deeply about the voice of our customers and we love to give back by getting more involved with the community. We support and appreciate all content creators in the VR community doing amazing work that inspires everyone in the industry. One of the community leaders Eric...

Our very first ARG: #VIVEPORTAL Giveaway Contest

Hey VR Community, thanks for visiting the page for the #VIVEPORTAL Giveaway Contest! Here you can find all the information about our first ever ARG (more to come if people like it!). Join in and solve the puzzle to reveal the giveaway, and don’t forget to tag your favorite VR Influencer with hashtag #VIVEPORTAL. Want to play? Here’s the opening theme...

First 40 hrs on VIVEPORT

So you’ve just begun your trial of VIVEPORT and you want to get the most out of it, but you have tons of options! Where do you start? We’ve put together some select titles for your work, health, and play to get your VR sea legs. If you’re new to VR, The apps at the beginning of the infograph are the easiest to interact with, and later apps get more...

Virtual Reality: Enterprise vs Consumer

Virtual Reality: Enterprise vs Consumer At a glance, many VR headsets seem the same. But, upon closer inspection, there are actually a wide variety of different applications for Virtual Reality which fall into two broad categories: Enterprise and Consumer. Here is an easy reference to be able to understand what features each category of the headset...

VIVE VR Innovators 2021

Hello, VR Community and Enthusiasts! We want to first and foremost thank all of you who came forward and voted for innovators. The world of virtual reality is built by hardware manufacturers, software developers, publications, artists, and many more, and we realize that there are many individuals within our community pushing the boundaries of VR...


VIVE INFLUENCERS with Yu-Kai Chou Yu-kai interviews SteveKnows, VR gamer and content creator, and discuss Steve’s love for instruments, VR escapism, and self-improvement. Find out more VR-related content. Check out SteveKnows’ channel. The post VIVE INFLUENCERS – SteveKnows appeared first on VIVE Blog.


VIVE Focus 3 UNBOXING Check out what’s inside the VIVE Focus 3 box and learn how to charge the headset and controllers. To learn more about VIVE Focus 3 The post VIVETALK – VIVE Focus 3 UNBOXING appeared first on VIVE Blog.

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