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Vivid Vision: Curing Lazy Eye with VR + Leap Motion

Could virtual reality retrain our brains to reverse some types of vision problems? Founded by a former lifelong “lazy eye” sufferer, medical technology firm Vivid Vision has already deployed to hundreds of eye clinics, with startling results in two independent studies. “Our clinics treat patients using Vivid Vision games that require reaching...

Thu Sep 12, 2019 17:21
Hand tracking and haptics: Why I believe they’re symbiotic

Earlier this year, Ultrahaptics and Leap Motion joined forces to combine our expertise and create the world’s leading spatial interaction company. In today’s guest blog, Ultrahaptics CTO, co-founder and long-time Leap Motion developer Tom Carter talks about the story behind the haptic technology he invented – and why adding haptics to hand tracking...

Thu Aug 1, 2019 17:01
#BuildYourNorthStar Workshop Brings AR to Life in 48 Hours

Building the world’s most advanced augmented reality headset isn’t exactly for beginners. But at the world’s first #BuildYourNorthStar workshop, over 20 participants built their own open-source Project North Star headsets in just 48 hours – using components now available to everyone. The workshop took place in Sunnyvale, CA, just after...

Thu Jul 11, 2019 19:53
Leap Motion and Ultrahaptics Join Forces

Today, we’re announcing a strategic deal with Ultrahaptics that combines the two companies and solidifies our collective role as the world’s leading spatial interaction company. Ultrahaptics is a long-time Leap Motion developer and the two companies have been working together for nearly six years. Their haptic technology creates tactile sensations...

Thu May 30, 2019 16:21
Project North Star: Mechanical and Calibration Update 3.1

The future of open source augmented reality just got easier to build. Since our last major release, we’ve streamlined Project North Star even further, including improvements to the calibration system and a simplified optics assembly that 3D prints in half the time. Thanks to feedback from the developer community, we’ve focused on lower part counts,...

Thu Apr 4, 2019 18:58
How a Self-Taught Teen Built His Own North Star Headset

 Over the past few months we’ve hit several major milestones in the development of Project North Star. At the same time, hardware hackers have built their own versions of the AR headset, with new prototypes appearing in Tokyo and New York. But the most surprising developments come from North Carolina, where a 19-year-old AR enthusiast has built multiple...

Wed Feb 27, 2019 19:08

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