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Burp extensions added to Burp Suite Enterprise Edition

Burp Extensions (and your own custom extensions) will now be supported by Burp Suite Enterprise Edition, brand new for the 2021.8 release. If you've had much experience with Burp Suite Professional, i

It's now easier than ever to scan at scale with Burp Suite Enterprise Edition

774 organizations in 68 countries are now using Burp Suite Enterprise Edition to improve and scale security across their web portfolios. As we pass the three-year anniversary of development on Burp Su

The history of OAST in Burp Suite

At PortSwigger, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of web security. Just take a peek at some of our researchers' recent and upcoming talks from the likes of Black Hat and DEF CON if you'd li

Introducing the Burp Suite Certified Practitioner accreditation

We launched the Web Security Academy in April 2019, as a means of providing free training and learning materials for security professionals. We now have 200 labs, and last year the Web Security Academ

Burp Suite roadmap update: July 2021

Apparently we're halfway through 2021 already (where does the time go?). Here's an update on what we've added to our products so far this year, as well as some exciting new features we're adding to ou

Black Hat USA 2021: PortSwigger's latest research to be unveiled

Two years ago, PortSwigger's director of research James Kettle presented "HTTP Desync Attacks" on-stage at BlackHat USA and kicked off a wave of request smuggling, but at that time HTTP/2 escaped seri

Introducing DOM Invader: DOM XSS just got a whole lot easier to find

Of the three main types of XSS, DOM-based XSS is by far the most difficult to find and exploit. But we come bearing good news! PortSwigger just released a new tool for Burp Suite Professional and Burp

20 Burp Suite tips from the Burp user community

The Burp Suite user community can easily be described as passionate, dedicated, and highly invested in the development of our product. That's why we love it when our users take it upon themselves to q

Some of the best Burp extensions - as chosen by you

As we mentioned in our recent blog post on good resources for new Burp Suite Professional users, the BApp Store is one of the largest repositories of community-created user content you're likely to fi

Great getting started resources for new users of Burp Suite Professional

If you're new to Burp Suite Professional, then congratulations. Not only have you just bought into the world's leading toolkit for web security testing - you've also joined a massive worldwide communi

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