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Handle v4.22, NotMyFault v4.20, Process Explorer v16.25, Sysmon v10.1

Handle v4.22This release of Handle fixes a race condition in the driver that could lead to a crash. Notmyfault v4.20Notmyfaultc now includes a flag that makes it wait until an event named Notmyfault is signaled before proceeding to crash or leak.  Process Explorer v16.25 This update to Process Explorer fixes a potential buffer overflow when processing...

Sysmon v10.0, Autoruns v13.95, VMMap v3.26

Sysmon 10.0This release of Sysmon adds DNS query logging, reports OriginalFileName in process create and load image events, adds ImageName to named pipe events, logs pico process creates and terminates, and fixes several bugs. Autoruns 13.95This Autoruns update adds support for user Shell folders redirections.   VMMap 3.26 This update to VMMap, a...

Sysmon v9.0, Autoruns v13.94

Sysmon 9.0Sysmon v9.0 introduces rule groups that enable the specification of AND or OR matching logic across a set of rules. It also fixes a memory leak in signature verification. Autoruns 13.94This Autoruns update fixes a bug that prevented the correct display of the target of image hosts such as svchost.exe, rundll32.exe, and cmd.exe. 

Autoruns v13.93, Handle v4.21, Process Explorer v16.22, SDelete v2.02, Sigcheck v2.71, Sysmon v8.02 and VMMap v3.25

Autoruns 13.93 This Autoruns update fixes a bug that prevented UserInitMprLogonScript from being scanned and by-default enables HCKU scanning for the console version. Handle 4.21 This Handle release fixes a race condition that could cause a bluescreen. ProcessExplorer 16.22 This Process Explorer release fixes a race condition that could cause a...

Sigcheck 2.70, BgInfo v4.26, and VMMap v3.22

Sigcheck v2.70Windows WinVerifyTrust function reports signed MSI files that have malware appended to them as signed, so Sigcheck now indicates when appended content is present. BgInfo v4.26 BgInfo now honors AppLocker scripting policy. VMMap v3.22 This release of VMMap fixes bugs that excluded copy-on-write pages from the private bytes total and...

Sysmon v8.0, Autoruns v13.90

Sysmon v8.0 This update to Sysmon adds rule tagging, which results in tags appearing in event log entries they generate. It also greatly expands the command-line length logged, fixes a GUID printing bug for parent process GUIDs, and prints friendly registry path names for rename operations. Autoruns 13.90 Autoruns, a comprehensive Windows autostart...

RAMMap v1.51

RAMMap v1.51 This update to RAMMap fixes an incompatibility with the latest version of Windows 10.

Sysmon v7.03

Sysmon v7.03 This update to Sysmon fixes a service executable crash that could result from long file names, and does not hash files larger than 2GB to avoid causing performance issues with SQL Server's large alternate data streams it places on database files.

Sysmon v7.02

Sysmon v7.02 This update to Sysmon, an advanced security logging service, fixes memory leaks in its thread and process tracking callbacks.

Process Monitor v3.50, Autoruns v13.82, Du v1.61, SDelete v2.01

Process Monitor v3.50Process Monitor now includes a /runtime switch to control headless capture duration, correctly shows picoprocesses, displays details for file system APIs introduced in Windows 10, and includes numerous minor improvements and bug fixes. Autoruns v13.82This Autoruns release shows Onenote addins and fixes several bugs. Du v1.61 This...

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