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Graham Family Wikispace Rescue

Welcome to the Graham Family Wikispace! And there’s some great stuff about the Vass family, too!! Jack and me … still laughing (now and then!) after 30 something years.  My name is Margaret Vass (nee Graham) and I have been married to Jack Vass for 30 yrs now (as of June, 2007). We have 3 boys – Neil (with Steph) in Manchester, Graeme...

my blog

Negotiated Learning June 12, 2011 Very recently, I stumbled upon a comment on twitter by Oliver Quinlan about Negotiated Learning. I followed a link to his blog and read this : “Mr Quinlan… can I show you something..?” You don’t have to have been teaching long to have had one of those moments; when a pupil brings you something amazing they have...

Sorry About The Wait!

Well, I have been meaning to post about what we’ve been up to for a very long time now. The trouble is that, every time I started to write this blog post, some other exciting thing happened and I had to put it off. I love getting a bit older, but I’m learning that the older I get, the more full my diary gets! I’ve finally managed to take some time...

last day of school

Today is the last day of school until the Easter holidays. We did an egg competition and Frazer, Jamie and Scott won. 1. Frazer made a Dalek. 2. Jamie made an Alien. 3. Scott made a Parrot. Comment down below if you have ever decorated an egg and what you decorated it as.


in art this week we were making silhouettes for our Victorian topic there was quite a lot of steps you will need   scissors,a partner,a pencil,a pen,black paper,coloured paper and glue. 1. draw the side of your partners face 2.glue it to some black paper to it then cut it out 3.cut out an oval shape of paper 4.glue your silhouette to the oval fancy...

Mrs vass

we are sorry to say that Mrs Vass is leaving she leaves a comity of bloggers to people who will do it Ruth  Connor a Connor p and Zoe t . we are so sad to see Mrs Vass leave we will miss her forever  

well miss you mrs vass

Our Winter Poems

Primary 5 have been busy writing poems again. They have a Winter theme. Here’s what we did to help us write them: We thought of somethings that we see, hear and smell in Winter. We wrote these three nouns down, then placed two adjectives in front of each noun For the last line of our poems, we wrote down three adjectives to describe how Winter...

Friendship Cinquains

This week we wrote Friendship Cinquains. First of all we interviewed a friend in class and asked them these questions. 1.What is your name?  2. What are some adjectives that describe you? 3. What are some activities that you enjoy?  4. What do you think makes you a good friend to others? 5. Do you have a nickname? We used the answers to help us to write...

Welcome From Primary 5S/V!

Hello World! This blog now belongs to a new class at Carronshore – Primary 5S/V! We will be posting on here regularly to let you all know what we have been getting up to in class this session. We thought we’d start of by introducing you to some of our favourite Precious Possessions. We’ve been writing about them in class and we’ve put some of them on...

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