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Xamarin Quick Tips: Font Icon Embedding | The Xamarin Show

In this video I show you can use Font Awesome to create vector icons in your Xamarin.Forms app.Show Links:Blog - Embedded FontsFont AwesomeFont 2 C#Follow @JamesMontemagnoNever Miss an Episode: Follow @TheXamarinShowUseful Links:Learn more about XamarinLearn more about Xamarin.FormsLearn more about Cross-platform developmentXamarin Developer CenterXamarin...

C# Language Highlights: Using Static Directive | On .NET

In this short video, Jasmine and Cecil teach us about the using static directive in C# Useful Linksusing static directiveC# version history.NET Videos 

Getting Started with Jupyter Notebooks in VS Code | Visual Studio Toolbox

Jupyter notebooks are the go-to tool for data scientists. They make it easy to write and run some code, quickly see the results and then tweak and repeat. Claudia Regio shows how Visual Studio Code has native support for Jupyter notebooks. Click here to download Visual Studio Code Insiders. Click here to download for the Python extension

Accessibility and Perf improvements to WinForms | On .NET

Windows Forms is been a solid UI framework for creating rich desktop client apps for the Windows Desktop.In this video, Jeremy catches up with Merrie and Igor to learn about some of the new improvements that have been added to WinForms for .NET 5.[02:00] - What are some of the improvements WinForms developers get by upgrading[09:17] - Enabling more...

Oriflame shares how Microservices and CosmosDB on Azure scale their global eCommerce platform | Customer Tech Talks

Jakub Ferenc joins Customer Tech Talks to share how Oriflame uses Microservices and CosmosDB on Azure to run and scale their global eCommerce platform. Reference Links: Oriflame website:​​Microsoft Learn:​​Microservices Architecture on Learn:​CosmosDB Modules:...

How to Parameterize Notebooks for Automation in Azure Data Studio | Data Exposed

Jupyter Notebooks bring a wonderful capability to hand someone a single file that contains both code, and instructions on how to run that code. This is great and can be used in many different ways, one of which is to help new team members get up to speed. But what happens when you need to do the same thing as one of your existing Notebooks, but now...

Update IoT devices in an ISA-95 Industrial network | Internet of Things Show

How do you update IoT devices that are disconnected in a hierarchy of IoT Edge devices, like you would see in an Industrial IoT environment with an ISA-95 network? Device Update for IoT Hub and Microsoft Connected Cache preview IoT Edge module enables update for devices that are disconnected at any level of a hierarchy of IoT devices. We'll demonstrate...

C# Language Highlights: Top-level statements | On .NET

In this quick video, Cecil and Jayme show us how top level statements work in C# 9. Useful LinksTop level statements tutorialWhat’s new in C# 9

User Stopped Typing Behavior (Xamarin Community Toolkit) | The Xamarin Show

If you've ever needed to implement a search bar, you will know the hassle of implementing this functionality. You don't want to send every keystroke to your backend! So, once again, you take some CancellationTokens and a timeout and implement a way to detect if a user is still typing or not. No more!With the Xamarin Community Toolkit UserStoppedTypingBehavior...

Get a unified network monitoring experience with Network Insights | Azure Friday

Using Networks Insights to view health, metrics, alerts, and signals from all network monitoring tools in one place, Dalan Mendonca shows Scott Hanselman that there's no need to scramble across tools to troubleshoot your network issues in Azure.[0:00:00]– Intro to Network Insights[0:04:30]– Network health tab[0:08:48]– Connectivity tab[0:10:14]– Traffic...

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