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Automate threat response with Azure Sentinel | Azure Friday

Sarah Young joins Scott Hanselman to discuss updates to Azure Sentinel automation and how you can use it to accelerate and streamline threat response for your security operations.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:02:41]– Azure Sentinel automation rules[0:06:15]– Automating responses with playbooks [0:09:30]– Playbook templates [0:12:56]– Wrap-upAutomate incident...

Understanding Teams Through Systems Thinking and Stories with Scott Hanselman | Imagine Cup Kick Off: Build Your Epic

Understanding Teams Through Systems Thinking and Stories with Scott Hanselman

Notebook Views in Azure Data Studio | Data Exposed

In this episode of Data Exposed with Julie Koesmarno, we will give you a sneak peek of what's new in Azure Data Studio. In this demo, Notebook view simplifies the workflow for your notebook consumers. At Microsoft, we continuously strive to come up with practical ideas that help our customers. With that, we have also been experimenting with converting...

DevOps Lab | Hashicorp Series | Episode 2 | How to terraform everything | The DevOps Lab

Welcome to the second episode in our HashiCorp series, Kyle Ruddy is back to show us how we can use terraform to manage both Azure and Github with code. While many people only use it to provision infrastructure, it actually manages all sorts of cool stuff! Check it out.Jump to:[00:30] Why should we Terraform everything?[02:20] Order a Pizza with Terraform[03:00]...

Model virtual machine costs with the Azure Cost Estimator Power BI Template | Azure Enablement Show

Jeff Amels joins host Sarah Lean to discuss how you can model and estimate your cost savings over pay-as-you-go pricing by using the Azure Hybrid Benefit and reserved instances with a powerful new Power BI template. which is now available as part of the Strategy phase of the Cloud Adoption Framework.[00:00] Introduction[01:44] Could you explain this...

Add communications user experiences with Azure Communication Services | Azure Friday

David de Matheu joins Scott Hanselman to show how the Azure Communication Services UI Library enables you to add communications capabilities to your applications with only a couple lines of code plus composable components and turn-key composites. [0:00:00]– Overview[0:00:49]– General concepts[0:05:54]– Azure Communication Services UI Library storybook[0:12:22]–...

Migrating to SQL: Introduction to Database Schema Conversion Toolkit (DSCT) (Ep. 9) | Data Exposed

Looking for a cross-platform Oracle schema conversion solution? Join Alexandra Ciortea, Alexander Ivanov, and Anna Hoffman to learn about the new experience we are building in Azure Data Studio. This feature is currently available in Insiders build of Azure Data Studio and will soon be available in the mainstream as well.[00:25] Introduction[01:15]...

Azure IoT middleware for FreeRTOS | Internet of Things Show

Today, customers who are leveraging FreeRTOS on their devices and wish to connect to Azure IoT services need to resort to home-grown solutions or venture to adapt existing SDKs to work with FreeRTOS. With the Azure IoT middleware for FreeRTOS they'll get a proper SDK that exposes the APIs these developers expect to see when getting their devices connected...

Deploying Azure Landing Zones using Terraform | Azure Enablement Show

Arnaud Lheureux joins host Sarah Lean to about Azure Landing Zones and how to deploy them using Terraform. You'll learn about Terraform Modules and how they're different from Azure Landing Zone Accelerators, and see a cool demo of a Terraform Module in action.[00:00] Introduction[01:00] What is Terraform and how is it useful?[02:10] How can Terraform...

Solution Filters in Visual Studio | Visual Studio Toolbox

Got a large solution with hundreds of projects? Join PM Kira Weiss as we check out how Solution Filters allow you to selectively choose which subset of projects get loaded in order to improve Visual StudioResources:--Blogpost:

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