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Lazertran Tutorial

I have written a new lazertran tutorial here (normally found under Info>DIY) This is how I make a lot of one offs and small batches. Soon I will be moving to screen print , so I will put up info on that. Interestingly I have found information about how you can use it to etch, this could be good for PCB’s!

Oxford OSCar

Sadly I ran out of time on this one, the problem was it had suffered a power supply failure. The positive 5v rail was completely down and it seemed some component (on the densely packed main board) had caused this. I cosmetically fixed it up and didn’t charge the owner. Designed and released by Chris Hugget after the collapse of EDP it is a very...

Star Synare 3 Page

New Page on the Star Synare 3 in the Analog Drum Lab project – making a DIY PCB soon so watch out! If you have any information on this drum or you own it please get into contact. (I do not know were this image came from – I was tired – but if you took it and you are not happy please email me and I will take it down )

Clacktronics back in new year!

There has been a bit of silence recently, this is because I have a new job! assisting in the design and installation of electronic works for the artist Haroon Mirza. But Clacktronics is still going, soon there should be a new pedal release and I have been getting into Arduino so expect some exciting new things and posts soon, including updates to the...

Rebel Tech

Recently I have been working with Rebel Tech to release a new Eurorack module range based in London. It has been really interesting and something I have long been interested in producing. The first module is a dual Euclidean Sequencer and more details can be found on the website here Look out for more modules in...

Clacktronics does LED Projects

Because of my day job I quite often get approached by artists to produce electronic parts for them. Recently I seem to have made a lot of LED projects! Above is part of a series of LED hoops that were commissioned for the band Django Django. This was by the artist Kim Coleman who needed them as a part of her stage design for the band. First a Series...

Maplin ADA Delay

I had this one sitting on my desk a while. Whilst at the Music Hackspace in London another member (Bioni Samp) showed me this to look at. At first I thought it must just be another BBD or specialist IC delay but upon looking inside I realised it was a discrete 8 bit digital delay using an 8k x 8 sram IC as its memory. It was broken and I didnt really...

The 3D printed bandwagon

Yes, I have also been swept up in the hype, after a few years of looking at them and wishing I could afford to make one I took the plunge as I worked out it could easily be done for around £350. It is mainly made from kit parts as it was almost the same price as sourcing the parts myself. I have some ideas for miniature leslie speakers and other such...

Cri “baby” Call

I found this at work, at first it looked like some kind of intercom but then I realised it is called a “Cri Call”. It is an old valve based baby monitor! What you do is screw the small box onto the wall in the babys room then trail a wire along your hallway to your living room to monitor the baby. Next test, put a guitar into it! it will definitely make...

Tottenham to Walthamstow

After 3 years in Tottenham Hale, I have now moved across the reservoirs to Walthamstow where I can now build a proper Workshop in a shed! Here is my old door sign that I made from PCB material.

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