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A collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers.

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Typo refund

Client: I found a typo – on page 76 it says “teh” instead of “the.” Me: Oh, yeah it does. Sorry, that’s embarrassing. Client: So what’s your refund policy in this situation?  The post Typo refund appeared first on Clients From Hell.

The year of responding badly

January 29: Initial Draft of Website Provided. February 5: Sent Check-in Email. Client had issues logging in, resent access info same day February 7: Sent Check-in Email as User account still unregistered February 12: Sent Check-in Email Client: I am traveling at conferences, will do when I can.   March 10: Sent Check-in Email. Client: I know...

What about my investment?

Me: Have you had a chance to look at that contract yet? Client: Not yet. Would you mind if I waited to sign it until after the first deliverable? Me: Uh… I would mind that. I would mind that very much. Client: Well then how am I supposed to protect my investment?  The post What about my investment? appeared first on Clients From Hell.

But… I’M important!

Me: Hey, I sent you my invoice weeks ago and it still hasn’t been paid.  Client: Yeah, sorry, we’re almost done paying the important bills then we’ll get to you.   The post But… I’M important! appeared first on Clients From Hell.

Most ridiculous quibble from client

A large church blew $7k on a tent, chairs and BBQ enough for 1200 people, but balked at the $800 to print and mail flyers promoting it. Their reason? Client: Nobody pays that much for flyers. 8 people showed up. Ouch. What’s the worst decision one of your clients has committed to? The post Most ridiculous quibble from client appeared first on...

We need this by 4 days … or tomorrow

I signed up a new client a couple of weeks ago. They showed a number of red flags immediately – negotiated my hourly rate down $3, only discussed things via the phone, and even added me to their timekeeping system and then sent me a brief video screen-share explaining how it works. Remember that tidbit. Then came the first assignment. The brief was...

Again, but different.

Client: I like it, but I want something different. Me: Different how?  Client: Not the same as this. Do I really have to spell this out?  The post Again, but different. appeared first on Clients From Hell.

I like to watch

Client: So how do I watch you make the website? Do I Skype in, or…? The post I like to watch appeared first on Clients From Hell.

How did you vote?

Client: How did you vote? Me: Uh… Client: Never mind, I think I know.  Me: Well… Client: Once you finish this phase of the project, I think I might go a different direction.  The post How did you vote? appeared first on Clients From Hell.

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