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US Senator Ted Cruz pushes for crypto in Congress... using snacks

A newly introduced resolution could potentially see lawmakers buying sodas and chips using crypto-supporting vending machines.

Keep an eye out for major company NFT trademark filings this year

NFT trademark filings by companies aren’t just a marketing stunt. According to a trademark lawyer, they have to use what’s in the application.

Bithumb in turmoil, Binance’s 47K law requests, Axie players down 85%: Asia Express

Our weekly roundup of news from East Asia curates the industry’s most important developments. Bithumb in turmoil  On Jan. 25, Yonhap Infomax reported that South Korean authorities had requested an arrest warrant for Kang Jong-Hyun, chairman and owner of cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb, over embezzlement allegations. That same day, the Financial Investigation...

Data shows pro Bitcoin traders want to feel bullish, but the rally to $23K wasn’t enough

Bitcoin price has flashed a few bullish signals, but traders are not too keen on adding leverage longs until after the Federal Reserve shows its cards on Feb. 1.

SEC once again rejects ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF listing

Proponents of the fund had argued that a current surveillance sharing agreement with CME would be adequate to protect investors.

Moody’s to build scoring system for stablecoins: Report

Moody's is allegedly developing a scoring system for stablecoins, with analysis of up to 20 digital assets.

ISDA releases standard definitions for digital asset derivatives

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association is working on two papers to address fundamental legal risks in the crypto markets.

Here’s why Bitcoin price could correct after the US government resolves the debt limit impasse

Bitcoin price has been on a tear, but analysts warn that resolving the U.S debt limit issue could trigger sharp downside for risk assets like BTC.

Sens. Warren, Wyden question quality of auditors’ oversight in light of FTX debacle

The senators co-authored a letter to the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board chair asking how FTX and other crypto firms were audited and why the audits failed so badly.

Polkadot restates its case that DOT has ‘morphed’ away from security status

The Web3 Foundation has reminded the world that, in its eyes, it has conformed to SEC requirements and DOT should no longer be considered a security.

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