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Hello and welcome to the blog tour for The Rise of the Dawnstar. Today I’d love to introduce you to the characters you’ll meet in the first book of the series, The Last of the Firedrakes. Aurora Firedrake – Our main character, daughter of Azaren and Elayna, heir to the Firedrake dynasty of Illiador. Azaren… Continue reading AUTHOR GUEST POST: FARRAH OOMERBHOY


BUY THIS BOOK! READ THIS SERIES! Seriously, guys I don’t know how much of this will be a review instead of me just fangirling over how refreshing and well written The Rise of the Dawnstar is. The second book in The Avalonia Chronicles. Once again author Farrah Oomerbhoy has done the unthinkable. Captivating me with… Continue reading THE MAGIC AND DANGER CONTINUES


New Adult is a genre that mainly deals with protagonists that range from the age of 18-25, while also touching on multiple topics. Such as sexuality, drug use, depression, trying find oneself…etc. Its easy to see why a lot of book readers who love YA also give NA a try or enjoy this particular genre.… Continue reading 7 THINGS I HATE ABOUT NEW ADULT


What an adorable book with an equally adorable character. Mimosa is intelligent, goodhearted and so damn genuine that you can’t help but to love her. She has to be one of the most authentic characters that I’ve read within a contemporary in such a long time. The Secret of the Heart Note is one of… Continue reading CHARMING AND REFRESHING


  Welcome back to 7 Things. This week I talk about my favorite tropes. All books and movies have them so here are the ones that I truly love. Without further ado: 7 TROPES THAT I LOVE Enemies to Lovers—This has to be one of my favorite all-time trope ever. I mean when done right… Continue reading 7 TROPES THAT I LOVE

Creatyvebooks List of WORSE Female YA Characters

So awhile back I did a list of some strong female characters that I loved for their strength and courage. So it’s only fair that I do a list of female characters that I didn’t enjoyed. Most of the reasons that I will list is because of stupidity, whininess, insincerity and so on and so […]

Beautiful Book, Boring Book: The Jewel by Amy Ewing

Title: The Jewel (Book 1) Author: Amy Ewing Hardcover: 368 pages Publisher: HarperTeen (September 2, 2014) ISBN-13: 978-0062235794 Genre: Fiction–YA/Dystopian Rating: 2 stars Synopsis: The Selection meets The Handmaid’s Tale in this darkly riveting debut filled with twists and turns, where all that glitters may not be gold. The Jewel means wealth, the...

5 Quick Questions @Tonya Kuper

Tonya Kuper Author of YA Scifi hit Anomaly It’s that time again. The little segment I like to call 5 Quick Questions. Today I’m honored to have the incredible Tonya Kuper. If you don’t know who she is you might have been living under a rock. She is the author of the 2014 runaway hit […]

Creatyvebooks Milestone Giveaway!!!!

It’s that time again. I doing this giveaway as my way of showing appreciation to all my followers for showing me support. I want to thank you and this is the best way that I know how. Grand Prize is US only but the Second place prize is open Internationally. Sorry but shipping is just […]

Most Anticipated Books of 2015

It’s a week into the New Year and you know what that means? New Books. Book lovers rejoice and get those gift cards you received during the Christmas holiday ready. Time to go shopping or pre-order these wonderful books I’m about to show you. This is Creatyvebooks Most Anticipated Books of 2015. As you know […]

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