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Apple on App Store Fraud

Interesting piece at Apple’s Newsroom, headlined: “App Store Stopped More Than $1.5 Billion in Potentially Fraudulent Transactions in 2020”: It takes significant resources behind the scenes to ensure these bad actors can’t exploit users’ most sensitive information, from location to payment details. While it’s impossible to catch every...

‘Apple Robbed the Mob’s Bank’

Eric Benjamin Seufert, writing at Mobile Dev Memo: Last week, Apple introduced a new ad unit to the App Store: a paid placement on its Search page. Rumors of this new unit had circulated previously, although the notion that Apple would increase the density of ad placements in the App Store was wholly predictable, as I assert in this piece and this...

[Sponsor] Literati

We, the people of Literati, believe that great stories can shape the world. Mostly, we believe it shouldn’t be so hard to find a book worth reading. We created a book club so good, you might actually join. Imagine a magical place where conversations on the internet are thoughtful and nuanced. Get your next read chosen by visionaries — then talk about...

Magic Lasso

My thanks to Magic Lasso for sponsoring last week at DF. Magic Lasso Adblock is an efficient, high performance ad blocker for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Magic Lasso Adblock provides up to a 2.0× speed increase on common websites, improves your privacy and security by removing ad trackers, and works with Safari across all Apple devices. It works and...

Flurry Analytics: 96 Percent of iOS 14.5 Users in U.S. Have Opted Out of App Tracking

I don’t know, seems low to me. ★ 

Google Circumvents Roku Ban by Adding YouTube TV to the Main YouTube App

Google’s official YouTube blog: Today, we’re introducing a new feature that gives you access toYouTube TV from within the YouTube app, making it easier to enjoyall the content you love. Existing members can easily accessYouTube TV by clicking on “Go to YouTube TV” in the main YouTubeapp. This update will be available to all YouTube TV members onRoku...

Apple Hires Stella Low, Formerly of Cisco, as New Communications Boss

John Paczkowski, reporting for BuzzFeed News: Apple has hired a new vice president of worldwide corporate communications. Stella Low, former communications chief at networking giant Cisco, will take on the role, which has been unfilled since late 2019. A tech industry veteran, Low has done stints at Unisys and Dell, where she...

‘Tesla Privately Admits Elon Musk Has Been Exaggerating About “Full Self-Driving”’

Exaggerating or straight-up lying, you make the call.  ★ 

Script Debugger 8

New version of Late Night Software’s amazing Script Debugger: You want your computer systems to be simple, reliable andautomatic. Script Debugger is the integrated developmentenvironment that makes that happen by making your AppleScriptcoding easier, faster, and more transparent. And now ScriptDebugger runs natively on M1 Macs, with full support for...

★ 70/30 Is Fine for Me, but Not for Thee

Tom Warren, writing for The Verge last week: Microsoft is shaking up the world of PC gaming today with a bigcut to the amount of revenue it takes from games on Windows. Thesoftware giant is reducing its cut from 30 percent to just 12percent from August 1st, in a clear bid to compete with Steam andentice developers and studios to bring more PC games...

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