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[Sponsor] Kolide — Endpoint Security Powered by People

Kolide is a SaaS app that sends employees important, timely, and relevant security recommendations concerning their Mac, Windows, and Linux devices, right inside Slack. Kolide is perfect for organizations that want to move beyond a traditional lock-down model and move to one where employees are educated about security and device management while...

XKCD on Apple Maps

From the department of “It’s only funny because it’s true”.  ★ 

Keyboard Maestro

My thanks to Keyboard Maestro for sponsoring last week at DF. Keyboard Maestro is a Mac utility that lets you automate applications or web sites, text or images, simple or complex, on command or scheduled. Anything you can do on your Mac manually, Keyboard Maestro can almost certainly automate for you. Even if you’re just getting started, Keyboard...

Roger Angell Dies at 101

David Remnick wrote a wonderful remembrance of the great Roger Angell, who died last week at 101: “Getting old is the second-biggest surprise of my life, but thefirst, by a mile, is our unceasing need for deep attachment andintimate love,” he wrote in This Old Man. “I believe thateveryone in the world wants to be with someone else tonight,together...

WSJ: ‘Crypto Might Have an Insider Trading Problem’ (Yours Truly: ‘Ya Think?’)

Ben Foldy and Caitlin Ostroff, reporting for the WSJ (News+): Over six days last August, one crypto wallet amassed a stake of $360,000 worth of Gnosis coins, a token tied to an effort to build blockchain-based prediction markets. On the seventh day, Binance — the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume — said in a blog post that...

CT Scans of Classic iPods, With Tony Fadell

Scan of the Month: The iPod was a groundbreaking piece of consumer electronics. With new generations introduced every year after its launch in 2001, the iPod product family reflected a period of rapid development in processing, storage, displays, and user interfaces, anticipating the iPhone’s blockbuster release in 2007. This month we...

‘Give Those Glasses to the Bailiff’

The Simpsons really has predicted so much. Maybe Apple should pivot Project Titan into a monorail project.  ★ 

E.U. Regulators Gonna Regulate

Hartley Charlton: The provisional agreement on the Digital Markets Act (DMA) was reached earlier this week by EU governments, with 43 votes in favor, one against, and one abstention, showing a broad consensus from European lawmakers to aggressively regulate big tech companies. [...] The latest provisional agreement sets...

The Decline in COVID Reporting at The New York Times Continues

This is one doozy of a correction in a New York Times report yesterday on updated CDC guidance for COVID booster shots for kids aged 5–11: An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to the numbers of children aged 5 to 11 with multisystem inflammatory syndrome. About 4,000 have been diagnosed, not died, with the syndrome....

From the Department of ‘Fuck Around and Find Out’

Gijong Lee, reporting for Korean news site TheElec: BOE is yet to receive approval from Apple to manufacture OLED panels for the upcoming iPhone 14 smartphones series, TheElec has learned. The company was caught having changed the circuit width of the thin film transistors on the OLED panels it made for iPhone 13 earlier this...

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