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Low Miles

Low mileage! Ready to drive away! An abandoned International Harvester truck sits in a corral near Waikoloa

Windmill Walk

Another Sunday hike. This one requires no drive to reach the trailhead, I put on my boots and swung the pack over my shoulder at the front door. This time I would head north out of the village to the Lalamilo Wind Farm. A typical ranch road trail near Waikoloa I have hiked out this way before, but have not gone nearly as far out from...

Gazing into The Caldera

Gazing into the red glow of Kilauea Caldera

Shadow on Shadow

The shadow of Mauna Kea below a moon sliding into the Earth’s shadow during a sunset lunar eclipse

A Changing Landscape

A tale of two lava lakes, of a landscape altered in way so dramatic it is hard to comprehend. We think of solid rock being the ultimate in permanency, something about the world that should never change, at least in the span of a few months. Geologic change takes thousands of years, not less than one, it just seems wrong when this rule is violated....

Lava Crowd

A crowd viewing the lava lake glow at Kilauea Caldera

Visiting the New Lake

The lava burst forth from the crater wall just before Christmas. After two years of quiet the volcano has again erupted. Within hours the lake of water that had been slowly growing had been boiled away in a huge plume of steam. Gazing into creation at Kilauea Caldera with the stars of Crux and Alpha Centauri above I knew within minutes...

Keck and Subaru

Keck and Subaru in the snow atop the summit of Mauna Kea

A Conjunction Moon

I rolled the telescope out of the garage to view and photograph the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. It is impressive to see the two gas giants side by side like that. The photos were less of a success, with soft seeing they are not great. OK, the photos suck. The Moon was a different story, high in the sky the seeing was much better. Since...

Greeting a New Year

We are now in the year 2021 by the Gregorian calendar used for much of the world. The celebrations are done, with the scars left by fireworks in our street now fading. We look forward to another year after the the stressful and destructive times of the last twelve months, a year that will loom large in memory for the remainder of our lives. ...

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