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Hope you all had a great start of your week, mine has been a bit slow to be honest and I am not as motivated as I hoped for, but let’s hope tomorrow is going to be a better day hehe. On our second day in London I got invited to visit Ottoman Hands‘ office […]


Hey everyone, These past days I was thinking about giving compliments and how easy or hard it comes to some of us. I remember staring at a girl in London thinking how much I love her outfit and then I just walked away. I decided I want to be that person who, at least once […]


Obsessed with gold jewelry (especially Ottoman Hands) and soft pink shades, all I wanna wear lately. So we’re back home and the next major travel is in 3 months from now, but knowing us, we will find somewhere to escape sooner than that haha. I miss the Mediterranean sea so bad, looking for some cheap […]


Happy Friday everyone! A few snaps of my outfit for our jaz concert date night in London. Ended up adding some sheer black tights because it was a bit chilly later in the night. The concert at Hidden Jazz Club was amazing, we booked our tickets on AirBnb by looking up London Experiences for our […]


Surprise surprise we’re back in London! Missed this city so much so we had to be here one more time this year. It’s gonna be so much fun! Follow along on my Insta Story!First day was a success, sun shining and birds singing. Tonight is going to be very special! I’ll tell you more about […]


Hope you all had a lovely cozy weekend! I can honestly say mine was all about relaxing and indulging and I don’t regret a thing! Life is all about balance and as excited as I get about going places and being productive, I feel the same about having some chill time now and then. #Hygge! […]


Happy weekend everyone! We woke up late this morning, had breakfast and some tea and now it’s time to clean the apartment. We’re gonna have a little party at our place tomorrow for my one and only brother Claudiu who just turned 30! Later today I am also going to start packing for our trip […]


So many of you asked me about this yellow mustard cardigan on my Instagram and I feel you, it’s fabulous! You can shop it here. You can find the white top here and the shoes here. Jeans are old from Zara and the bag is vintage. Are you watching Vocea Romaniei? We just roasted the […]


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