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Comment on Dallas’ M-Line trolley adding flexibility and lengthThe McKinney Avenue Transit Authority is about to grow. by Bill Chance

I love the M-Line trolley and am looking forward to their expansion. My hope is that it will begin to feel like the New Orleans Streetcar – an integral part of the city, rather than a tourist attraction.

Comment on Drive-in theater in Fort Worth along Trinity gets go-ahead | Fort Worth Star Telegram by RobinWeertsPhotography

Can’t wait! How much for a carload?

Comment on Most Urban Jobs Are Near Transit, but Most Workers Aren’t – Real Time Economics – WSJ by Bill Chance

Very interesting. However, I am a firm believer in “If you will build it, they will come.” I think, especially in Dallas, you will see large amounts of high density housing of various types built around transit hubs. Thanks for sharing.

Comment on Dallas Commutes, Tradeoffs and the Limits of Urban Growth by Bill Chance

Interesting article. I know people that work in Santa Barbara, California that have a 2 hour+ commute – I can’t imagine that. The tricky thing is the availability of affordable housing near places of work. I wonder if a city with a working infrastructure that can offer shorter/quicker commutes could use that to attract companies and workers. Living...

Comment on Dallas Streets Are Scary (Not Really) by Leon Reyes

Ok FYI, this is Leon……my wife and I used to live downtown, now we live in Southlake. This is not Southlake vs. Downtown situation, this is just something I have wanted to do in a place that is nearby. And the “NOTE….the streets are no joke…” statement on our website is a statement for liability purposes, in case someone tries to come find me. I am not...

Comment on Dallas Streets Are Scary (Not Really) by Bob Voelker

Totally appreciate what Leon is doing — all of us who are so blessed should re-connect with those who are less so, who have faced difficult times and circumstances, and the church as a whole has a duty with respect to the larger context of the city/community in which it operates. My only slight quible is that we need to be careful that our verbage does...

Comment on Suburban Urbanism?? by Seton

These are also Urban Infill,…..

Comment on Suburban Urbanism?? by Seton

Don’t forget the Addison Circle development, and the new “Dallas Midtown” development replacing the valley view center

Comment on Transforming Dallas – Creating the “Lingering Effect” by TG

Interesting – i’ve seen the arguments both ways. As a regular bicyclist, I find Main St in downtown Dallas to be more friendly to ride – but that is ONLY because it has such wonderful wide sidewalks. In Deep Ellum, Elm, which is one-way, is far more bike-friendly than two-way Main. But I tend to lump bicyclists in with pedestrians, so maybe that’s misguided.

Comment on If the Aussies can do it, why not Dallas? Let’s be audacious in planning for #DowntownDallas by bobcurry81 A presentation at City Hall saying that there are between 8,000 and 40,000 residents downtown depending on how you draw the borders.

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