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Jordan Peterson Telling Joe Rogan That There's No Such Thing As 'Climate' Is Some Galaxy Brain-Level Sh*t

Jordan Peterson gives Joe Rogan an opinion about climate change that might leave you scratching your head.

An Oral History Of Soap Shoes, The Only Sneaker To Ever Come With A Warning Label

In 1997, skater tweens everywhere wanted only one brand of shoes — Soap. But the footwear that the 'Wall Street Journal' swore 'could cause serious injury,' washed out long before it could truly leave its footprint on the world

Biden Doesn't Rule Out Personal Sanctions If Putin And Russia Invade Ukraine

US President Joe Biden said Putin and Russia would face "enormous consequences" if they invaded Ukraine.

Here's Why Barry Bonds Still Would Have Been One Of The Best Players In Baseball If He Played Without A Bat

Barry Bonds was shut out of the Baseball Hall of Fame but that doesn't change the fact that he completely broke the game. Jon Bois breaks down how Barry Bonds' 2004 season without a bat would've still been one of the best ever. (From 2017)

A Bomb Cyclone Could Cover Cities In The Northeast This Weekend, Here's What You Should Know

A rapid and intense storm could bring icy conditions to cities in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast this weekend.

'When We Were Young' Festival Nightmare: Dick Pics, Mockery And Harassment

A gaming director who reached out to customer service reps over issues with her When We Were Young tickets claims she was harassed, called a bitch and sent explicit photos.

What You Can Actually Do After An Omicron Infection

And what you still can't.

Watch A Lucid Air Face Off Against A Tesla Model S Plaid In The Ultimate Electric Car Drag Race

The two leading luxury electric performance vehicles challenge each other to a street race.

Twitter Suspends Wordle-Ruining Bot

Letting people like things continues to be free.

We Can't Get Enough Of This Classic Clip Of Conan O'Brien Helping His Assistant Find Her Lost Beloved 'Gigolos' Mug

Please enjoy this clip of Conan attempting to track down his assistant's lost mug and realize late night hosts don't have this kind of rapport with their staff.

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