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A Day In The Life Of Dr. Anthony Fauci

What does one of the top infectious disease experts do when he's sidelined by the White House during COVID-19? Plenty.

How I Lost My Brother To A Right-Wing Militia

The Cut's Anna Silman spoke with a woman whose brother joined a far-right armed militia in 2016, and who has become increasingly unreachable ever since.

The Doctor Who Challenged The Unicorn Myth

Surgeon and royal doctor Ambroise Paré was one of the leading medical figures of the 16th century. In his final decade he was drawn into a protracted debate about the use of unicorn horn in medicine, where his clear voice of reason spoke out against unproven quack remedies of the time.

Here's A Comprehensive Review Of Coffee Substitutes From An Obsessive Java Connoisseur

In many cases substitutes are used as an adulterant, either because of limited access to quality coffee or to make production cheaper. Coffee expert James Hoffmann breaks down how and why substitutes are used.

Guy Figures Out A Clever Way To Hack Into His Car From His Laptop

Of all the ways we thought a car could be broken into, this is the one we least expected.

The Best Holiday Cookie Recipes, According To Eater Editors

Baking for others is a delightful pursuit. These are the recipes Eater editors reach for when cookies are in the cards.

OSHA Let Employers Decide Whether To Report Health Care Worker Deaths. Many Didn't

Four workers died at a facility with one of the largest US outbreaks, but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration never conducted an inspection. It's a pattern that's played out across the nation, a KHN investigation finds.

Dr. Diane Ross Keeps Seniors Active In Palm Springs And Beyond

Dr. Diane Ross teaches a fitness class for older adults, to dozens of people in the Coachella Valley and beyond over Zoom.

Adam Silver Goes Deep On The Wildest Year In NBA History

In a rare conversation with Bomani Jones, the NBA commissioner talks about China, the bubble, and the league's ongoing commitment to social justice.

International Lawyers Draft Plan To Criminalise Ecosystem Destruction

Plan to draw up legal definition of "ecocide" attracts support from European countries and small island nations.

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