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Deshaun Watson Gets 11 Game Suspension, $5 Million Fine For Sexual Assault Allegations

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson will be suspended for 11 games and fined $5 million after a settlement was reached between the NFL and the NFL Players Association.

This Guy Built A Knife-Throwing Machine That's Literally Cutting Edge Technology

Quint BUILDs attempts to create a knife thrower that can fire 10 knives in a row.

What Is This Doodad That Just Fell Out of My Rental Car's Dashboard?

I'm used to parts falling off of my own cars, but this is the first time I've had it happen in a rental.

Airports With The Largest Price Increases In 2022, Ranked

Airline prices haven't seen a rapid rise, but key airports have gotten costlier.

How Johnny Harris Got Things So Wrong In His Video About European Colonialism

Johnny Harris played fast and loose with the facts in his "How Europe Stole the World" video. Here's what he got wrong.

No Show Earned Its Ending More Than 'Better Call Saul'

Final seasons of celebrated TV dramas are often sources of anxiety, but there was never any doubt about the final bow of "Better Call Saul."

How The Idea Of A 'Transgender Contagion' Went Viral — And Caused Untold Harm

A single paper on the notion that gender dysphoria can spread among young people helped galvanize an anti-trans movement.

They Named Me The 'Most Notorious Card Counter In America.' This Is The Wild True Story

"My work order was straightforward. I was handed tens of thousands of dollars in cash and directed to the casino to play beatable blackjack."

Willie Nelson's Long Encore

As he approaches 90, even brushes with death can't keep him off the road — or dim a late-life creative burst.

The Psychology Of Cringe Comedy: Why We Love To Watch What Hurts Us

From "Da Ali G Show" to viral TikTok videos, cringe comedy persists within pop culture. And oftentimes, the genre's appeal is as much about the way we perceive ourselves than the comics we watch performing it.

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