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Meet The AI Algorithms That Judge How Beautiful You Are

Computers are ranking the way people look — and the results are influencing the things we do, the posts we see, and the way we think.

Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is A Political Force To Be Reckoned With

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez turned heads when she raised $5 million in relief efforts for Texas families hit hard by the winter storm. With this much sway, is AOC's rise to further power unstoppable?

The Next Frontier For Animal Welfare: Fish

Fish are farmed in higher numbers than any other animal, but they haven't gotten much attention from the animal welfare movement — until now.

You've Been Vaccinated — The CDC Is Finalizing Guidance On What's Safe For You To Do

It's likely to be safe for those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine to have small gatherings with others who are vaccinated.

We Feel Like A Wild Animal Whenever We Wear These Gardening Gloves

These gloves definitely remind us of a certain comic book character, but it turns out they're actually really handy to have when it comes time to tend our garden.

The Complicated Design Legacy Of Jeff Bezos

We talked to more than a dozen designers, many of whom worked with Bezos on Amazon's most important products, as he steps down as CEO.

Why Does Every Celebrity Suddenly Have A Tequila Line?

Kendall Jenner announced last month that she was releasing a tequila brand and received flak for cultural appropriation. But numerous celebrities have also launched their own line of the distilled beverage. Why has every famous person suddenly gotten onboard the tequila train?

Sign Language Is Being Reshaped By Zoom

Deaf people are adapting signs to accommodate the limitations of video communication while working from home.

Zion Williamson Gives Flowers To His Teacher And Explains His Love For Poetry

One of the NBA's youngest stars, Zion Williamson, shares how his teacher helped him find a voice.

The Memory Remains

Why Metallica was interrupted live at BlizzCon by copyright-free music  —  and how they laid the groundwork for this to happen 20 years ago.

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