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After Nine Years and 2,810 Posts, a Dot Earth Farewell

After nine years and 2,810 posts, a blog seeking a sustainable path for humans on a finite planet comes to an end.

Facing Standing Rock Campaign, Obama Administration Blocks Dakota Pipeline Path

Intensifying Indian protests prompted the Obama administration to block a pipeline's path in North Dakota.

Will California Ever Let Sierra Nevada Forests Burn?

In the Sierra Nevada, California's main forest fire problem lies in not letting forests burn.

A Belated Farewell to a Pioneering Polar Bear Researcher

A tribute after the death of a young and innovative field researcher who used a scat-sniffing dog to help figure out polar bears' changing diets.

TED’s Science Curator Sees Hope in Earth’s Anthropocene Age

TED's new curator of science, David Biello, explains why he sees hints of hope in Earth's emerging Anthropocene "age of us."

What Changed, and Didn’t, After the 1988 Slaying of a Rain Forest Hero in Brazil

After the murder of Chico Mendes in 1988, a new brand of green governance developed on Brazil's rain forest frontier, but political instability poses fresh threats.

Under Trump, Will NASA’s Space Science Include Planet Earth?

Advisors to President-elect Trump see little merit in NASA emphasizing "Earth-centric" science.

In Madagascar Test, Drone Delivers Medicine by Air

Drones, mainly associated with missiles, are poised to deliver medicines in Madagascar.

An Exercise to Sift for Sources Amid a Blitz of Fake News

A web-sifting exercise that helps students of all ages figure out how facts or fakery flow online.

Rx for the Anthropocene? A Dose of ‘Anthropophilia’

Andy Revkin argues that a first step toward a successful human journey is a little positive self regard.

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