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Trump attacks FBI

The president said the FBI had thwarted his bid to overturn the election result. Also: Maradona's doctor is investigated over his death, and the flying elephant - on his way to a new life after years of suffering.

Ethiopian PM claims capture of Tigray capital

Abiy Ahmed said the army had taken control of Mekelle from the dissident local leadership. Also: the Pope installs the first African American cardinal, and washing your dirty laundry in space.

Israel blamed for assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist

Tehran believes Israel was involved when gunmen targeted Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Also: the Inuit hunter whose habitat is changing, and the refugee who is now an MP in New Zealand.

Ethiopia: The PM meets an African Union delegation seeking to end the conflict in Tigray

Prime Minister Ahmed rejected offers of mediation and is still insisting there can be no foreign interference in an internal affair. Also: Sri Lanka bans commemorations for Tamil Tigers killed in the country's decades-long civil war. And, how a locust genome could be the key to ending devastating crop damage.

Body of late Argentine footballer Maradona taken for burial

A motorcade has taken Maradona's remains from the presidential palace in Buenos Aires to the Bella Vista cemetery in the west of the capital where the bodies of his parents are also interred. Also: the head of AstraZeneca says fresh trials will be conducted on its coronavirus vaccine after some scientists questioned its results, and a man in Florida...

More than 300 people are sentenced to life in prison in Turkey

In 2016 a faction within the Turkish military spearheaded a failed coup against President Erdogan. Also: Argentinians have been paying their respects to the footballer, Diego Maradona, whose body is lying in state in the presidential palace, and a British genetic research project is seeking to eradicate scarring within a generation by studying the Zebra...

Football genius Maradona dies aged 60

Argentina declares three days of national mourning. Also: President Trump pardons ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and could a long-extinct volcano heat homes in southern New Zealand?

France to tax US high-tech giants on 2020 earnings

French government wants to impose new digital tax on huge firms like Google and Amazon. The US says it will retaliate with tariffs on imports from France. Also, Ethiopia tells international community to avoid 'interference' in Tigray crisis, and why some US families will be deeply divided at this year's Thanksgiving.

Joe Biden says 'America is back'

The US President-elect Joe Biden says America is back, ready to lead the world as he unveils his top team. Also: a patriotic board game is released in Russia, and Beyonce leads the pack in the Grammy’s with the most nominations.

Trump acknowledges transition of power to Biden

The US president says the “initial protocols” must be carried out, though he’s stopped short of admitting defeat. Also, a European Union report finds that Afghanistan has become a major producer of crystal meth. And Russian scientists announce the promising results of their coronavirus vaccine trials.

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