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Dark Science #105 – The Age of Mist

Negotiations have broken down.

Dark Science #104 – Big Ideas

It’s good to take a moment to rest and reflect. Otherwise you burn up!

Dark Science #103 – Reconstruction

Enjoy this rare moment where no one is in in a pickle. Unless you count emotional pickles.

Dark Science #102 – Exclusive Interview

Hayakawa got his exclusive interview and Ling is getting a new arm! I can’t imagine anything but smooth sailing from here on in.

Dark Science #101 – Unauthorized Secrets

Kim and Vonnie have a complicated friendship. Sorry this one’s a little late, I tried to draw two pages simultaneously for some reason but it backfired. I hope everyone is still hanging in there in these Dark Times, maybe my comic can make things a little brighter.

Dark Science #100 – The Dark Scientific Method

Finally, the mysterious Dark Scientific Method revealed! How can anyone hope to combat the power to erase reality itself? And why is Kim always unaffected by these changes? Tune in next time! Thanks so much for sticking with me after all this time. 100 installments of Dark Science feels like a milestone to celebrate, and I can’t think of a better way...

Dark Science #99 – Return of the Weather Balloon

Kim returns to a familiar department. What hijinks will ensue this time?

Six Fanarts Challenge

I asked folks on social media what six characters I should draw, and these were the winners! I think my 9-year-old self would be proud to know I can still draw Darkwing Duck from memory.

Dark Science #98 – The Department of Secrets

This doesn’t seem good for basically anybody. To stave off Isolation Madness, I’ll be live streaming Tuesday, at 3pm PDT over on my Twitch. What will I be streaming? I haven’t decided yet, but it’s going to be something good. Come join me if you’re also locked up and need some kind of remote human interaction!

Dark Science #97 – Performance Review

Land sakes, that Vonnie Awning has a lot on her plate.

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