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Dithering ↦

John Gruber and Ben Thompson launched a new paid podcast this spring. You’ve probably heard about it. I’ve been listening to every episode since the public launch, and I am happy to report that I think it’s absolutely worth the $5 per month or $50 per year subscription. For that price, you get three 15-minute episodes a week about the hot topics of...

(Podcast) Upgrade #306: That’s Beta Life!

This week Myke and Jason discuss John Gruber’s essay about Apple’s App Store priorities and then assemble a list of apps that are missing key operating-system features. There’s also more news about ARM Macs, Apple continues to make TV deals, and we discuss our favorite features of the iOS and iPadOS Public Betas.Go to the podcast page.

The Comeback of Fun in Visual Design ↦

Designer Michael Farup suggests that macOS Big Sur will start the pendulum swinging back away from minimalism and toward richness, across the entire technology industry: Given the chance of a redesign on the mac, Apple did not choose minimalism as the single guiding design pillar. In fact, they doubled down on expressiveness, added depth, gaussian...

Benjamin Mayo on WWDC’s format ↦

I think this is a pretty fair take from Benjamin Mayo about finding a balance between “traditional” WWDC and what we saw in June: Doing something live, truly live, has this effervescent ambience that will never be matched by something that has been filmed ahead of time. The lingering danger of something going wrong with the demo is palpable,...

6C Podcast: July 10, 2020

It’s public beta season, and we’re stalking the purple elephant.… Become a member to listen to our exclusive weekly podcast and get more benefits.

Federico Viticci on the iPadOS 14 Public Beta ↦

As you might expect, this is a great high-level overview of the themes of iPadOS 14 from Federico Viticci: Even more than last year, I believe that “inspired by the Mac” is the lens through which iPadOS 14 is best examined. Agreed completely. It’s fascinating to watch the iPad and the Mac take features from one another, with the iPad picking...

First Look: iOS 14 Public Beta

On Thursday Apple’s releasing the first Public Beta of iOS 14, which it introduced at WWDC in June. As always, you should think twice before installing any beta operating system on a device you rely on. Not only will there be annoying bugs, but many of your favorite App Store apps will not have been tested on the new software, let alone updated to...

First Look: iPadOS 14 Public Beta

The latest update to Apple’s tablet operating system is a bit of a contradiction. Yes, it’s full of new features and enhancements, but at the same time, a few of the most prominent features of its sibling iOS are nowhere to be found here. Apple is always balancing its priorities, and some years one device or another might get more attention. This year...

The Hackett File: A Tour of System Preferences in Big Sur (Member Post)

Any time there is a big set of UI changes in macOS, I like to see what Apple has done to the System Preferences app. As you can see, Catalina and Big Sur’s versions of the app are pretty different: Big Sur is still pretty early in its beta lifecycle, so some of these decisions could change over time (and I’m sure the Notifications icon will be swapped...

(Podcast) The Rebound #297: Eat It, Spielberg

This is a great time for sitting at home and watching things so let’s talk about what’s on the telly. (Brought to you by our new Rebound Prime membership!) Go to the podcast page.

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