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Apple’s Accessibility feature preview gets #GAAD going

For the second year running, Apple has offered a preview of updated accessibility features coming to its platforms later this year. The announcements come just ahead of Thursday’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day, which goes by #GAAD online. The preview is notable for spotlighting features that most people won’t use, but that matter a lot to those...

(Podcast) Clockwise 451: Blast My Retinas

Have we all cut the cord? Plus, tech items we can’t justify purchasing, Apple’s new accessibility features, and how we wrangle SIMs and eSIMs when traveling.Go to the podcast page.

SoundSource 5.5 adds Shortcuts support for full Mac audio automation

On Monday Rogue Amoeba released SoundSource 5.5, the latest version of its handy Mac sound-routing utility that—let’s be honest—is doing all the heavy lifting for a feature that should probably be a core part of macOS. (Apple doesn’t seem to really care about Mac audio, and that’s good for Rogue Amoeba’s array of products.) The big feature of SoundSource...

Macros to make dumb typing smarter

I made a mistake today. I posted today’s episode of Downstream with the feed pointed at the previous episode of Downstream. There are various workflow reasons why this happened, but the bottom line is: I pasted last week’s download URL in and then didn’t change it, resulting in everyone getting the wrong episode. Oops. So, in the aftermath of fixing...

(Podcast) Downstream 18: 10,000 Other Tentacles

After years watching the old Netflix cruise along as the top streamer, things are getting interesting as it shifts gears and engages the realities of today’s streaming scene. We discuss Netflix changes and Julia reviews Disney’s financial results.Go to the podcast page.

Apple details Live Captions, other accessibility features coming later this year ↦

Apple Newsroom: Using advancements across hardware, software, and machine learning, people who are blind or low vision can use their iPhone and iPad to navigate the last few feet to their destination with Door Detection; users with physical and motor disabilities who may rely on assistive features like Voice Control and Switch Control can fully...

(Podcast) Upgrade 407: Inexplicable Billboards

Is Apple ready to embrace USB-C across its entire product line? Jason loves his Playdate, but is frustrated by Apple Music playing songs he dislikes. And the music may go on, but the iPod won’t be coming along for the ride.Go to the podcast page.

Three features Apple should borrow from Google (Macworld/Dan Moren)

The larger technology companies get, the more and more commonalities there seem to be between their products. That’s probably not surprising: after all, if only a couple of huge companies are developing smartphone operating systems, chances are they’ll get closer and closer over time as companies borrow from each other, playing leapfrog as they continually...

Bring on the USB-C future (Member Post)

Up until recently, USB-C was more of a fluke in my household—a strange visitor from a possible future, in which we all used small, reversible plugs. Sure, my iMac had a couple of Thunderbolt ports that use the USB-C ports and every once in a while a random cable might have a plug on it, but by and large we remained a good old USB-A household. Even...

6C Podcast: Broken watches, 5G vampires, and iPod memories

Dan’s back from Seattle, Jason’s back from Phoenix, the music never left, and the iPod touch remains available while supplies last.… Become a member to listen to our exclusive weekly podcast and get more benefits.

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