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Batch converting shortcuts for use throughout Monterey ↦

John Voorhees at MacStories has come up with a clever way to generate a bunch of AppleScript files that just run Shortcuts as a way to open up Shortcuts to apps that support running scripts, but not Shortcuts. Fittingly enough, he uses Shortcuts itself to do the job: The advantage of using a .scpt file is it can be used by multiple apps. You...

(Podcast) The Rebound 369: Straight-Up Toilet Paper Scam

It’s the season of American consumerism, so here’s the technology we bought.Go to the podcast page.

(Podcast) Downstream 5: The Netflix Connected Universe

Diving into Netflix’s brand new global and regional top 10 lists, and all the things they tell us about the global streaming giant. Also, ViacomCBS corrects its Star Trek mistake, and why Netflix is bad at movies.Go to the podcast page.

(Podcast) Clockwise 427: Old Man Yells at Fail Whale

The older tech that we can’t justify replacing, what we’d change about Twitter in the wake of Jack Dorsey’s exit, the health tech we’d like to see next, and which retro video games we’d remake.Go to the podcast page.

Run shortcuts from the Mac command line

I was reminded by Simon Støvring, maker of the excellent Mac and iOS utility Data Jar (which is a persistent data store that’s accessible via Shortcuts), that people may not be aware of just how well integrated Shortcuts is into macOS. For example, if you’re someone who works in the Terminal a lot, you may not realize that you can integrate Shortcuts...

Now Playing in hardware form ↦

Jason Tate: A few weeks ago I started working on a new weekend project. I wanted to build a mini-computer that could sit on my desk and display what I was currently listening to. A simple idea. After completing it, I figured I should write up the entire process, because if I don’t blog about it … did it really happen? Now Playing: the device....

Why Monterey’s best feature still hasn’t arrived (Macworld/Jason Snell)

In about three weeks it’ll be winter in Cupertino, and while the turn of seasons in the Bay Area usually doesn’t amount to much beyond wearing a slightly heavier hoodie, the turning of the seasons also represents an expiration date for one of Apple’s most springtime promises. Several features of iOS 15 and macOS Monterey announced way back in June...

The Back Page: Tim Cook’s Wishlist (Member Post)

The holiday season is upon us, and what do you get for the man who has literally everything?1 Tim Cook has got to be a hard man to shop for. From outward appearances, all he seems to do is work and work (out). Truly, he seems to be a man of few luxuries, excusing the occasional hobnobbing with celebrities and expensive home purchase. But with his zip-up...

(Podcast) Upgrade 383: Dongletown Hotel

Myke checks in from mid-vacation to discuss his visit with Jason, and shares some observations from his first extended travel in a couple of years. Then Jason takes a deep dive into his adventures Shortcuts on the Mac. And there’s still time to discuss Mac AirPlay quirks and Apple lawsuits!Go to the podcast page.

(Podcast) Clockwise 426: Little Bobby Tables

How we charge our devices, the travel tech we’re taking with us this year, our thoughts on Apple’s plans for digital IDs, and an examination of Apple’s newly announced Self Repair Program.Go to the podcast page.

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