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Virginia's new AG removes 2 lawyers at public universities

Jason Miyares has made significant changes since ascending to his new job.

State Department orders diplomats' families to leave US embassy in Ukraine

The State Department has ordered diplomats’ families to depart the U.S. embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, amid tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

WATCH: Wildfire burns near California coast

Footage shows a line of flames from the Colorado Fire in Big Sur, California -- a rare occurrence for January.

4 dead, 1 injured after multiple gunmen carry out 'targeted ambush' on home

At least four people are dead and another was in critical condition after multiple gunmen, at least one armed with an assault-type rifle, opened fire on a home.

Blind man who rescued 5 after Oklahoma City bombing dies

Raymond Washburn, a blind man, was credited with helping rescue five people.

2 critically injured in shooting at post-funeral gathering

A gunman was being sought on Sunday after he opened fire on a crowd gathered for a post-funeral meal at a Minneapolis community center, authorities said.

Chicago girl, 8, killed after being struck by stray bullet

Gunman targeting someone else shot an 8-year-old girl in the head, killing her.

4 killed, 1 hurt in 'ambush' shooting at house party near LA

Multiple shooters opened fire at a house party near Los Angeles, police say.

Russia sets another daily virus record amid omicron surge

It's the third consecutive daily record as omicron spreads through the country.

Cruise ship changes course after US judge orders seizure

A judge granted an order to seize the vessel as part of a suit over unpaid fuel.

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