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Competition between Two-Photon Driving, Dissipation, and Interactions in Bosonic Lattice Models: An Exact Solution

Author(s): David Roberts and A. A. ClerkWe present an exact solution in arbitrary dimensions for the steady states of a class of quantum driven-dissipative bosonic models, where a set of modes is subject to arbitrary two-photon driving, single-photon loss, and a global Hubbard (or Kerr)-like interaction. Our solutions reveal a wealth of s…[Phys. Rev....

Coulombic Surface-Ion Interactions Induce Nonlinear and Chemistry-Specific Charging Kinetics

Author(s): W. Q. Boon, M. Dijkstra, and R. van RoijWhile important for many industrial applications, chemical reactions responsible for the charging of solids in water are often poorly understood. We theoretically investigate the charging kinetics of solid-liquid interfaces and find that the time-dependent equilibration of surface charge contains ke…[Phys....

Pulsed Interaction Signals as a Route to Biological Pattern Formation

Author(s): Eduardo H. Colombo, Cristóbal López, and Emilio Hernández-GarcíaWe identify a mechanism for biological spatial pattern formation arising when the signals that mediate interactions between individuals in a population have pulsed character. Our general population-signal framework shows that while for a slow signal-dynamics limit no pattern...

Two-Measurement Tomography of High-Dimensional Orbital Angular Momentum Entanglement

Author(s): Yi Li (李逸), Shuang-Yin Huang (黄双印), Min Wang (王敏), Chenghou Tu (涂成厚), Xi-Lin Wang (汪喜林), Yongnan Li (李勇男), and Hui-Tian Wang (王慧田)High-dimensional (HD) entanglement enables an encoding of more bits than in the two-dimensional case and promises to increase communication capacity over quantum channels and to improve robustness to noise. In...

Anomalous Scaling of Aeolian Sand Transport Reveals Coupling to Bed Rheology

Author(s): Katharina Tholen, Thomas Pähtz, Sandesh Kamath, Eric J. R. Parteli, and Klaus KroyPredicting transport rates of windblown sand is a central problem in aeolian research, with implications for climate, environmental, and planetary sciences. Though studied since the 1930s, the underlying many-body dynamics is still incompletely understood, as...

Measurement of the ${ν}_{e}$-Nucleus Charged-Current Double-Differential Cross Section at $⟨{E}_{ν}⟩=2.4\text{ }\text{ }\mathrm{GeV}$ Using NOvA

Author(s): M. A. Acero et al. (NOvA Collaboration)The inclusive electron neutrino charged-current cross section is measured in the NOvA near detector using 8.02×1020 protons-on-target in the NuMI beam. The sample of GeV electron neutrino interactions is the largest analyzed to date and is limited by ≃17% systematic rather than the ≃7.4% statistical…[Phys....

Enrichment of Scavenged Particles in Jet Drops Determined by Bubble Size and Particle Position

Author(s): Lena Dubitsky, Oliver McRae, and James C. BirdExperiments reveal new details of the process by which contaminants in the ocean could reach the atmosphere through the bursting of bubbles in foam.[Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 054001] Published Fri Feb 03, 2023

First Probe of Sub-GeV Dark Matter beyond the Cosmological Expectation with the COHERENT CsI Detector at the SNS

Author(s): D. Akimov et al.Hypothetical accelerator-produced light scalar particles, within a mass range around 25 MeV, for the first time are ruled out from being all of the expected dark matter.[Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 051803] Published Fri Feb 03, 2023

Fluidification of Entanglements by a DNA Bending Protein

Author(s): Yair A. G. Fosado, Jamieson Howard, Simon Weir, Agnes Noy, Mark C. Leake, and Davide MichielettoIn spite of the nanoscale and single-molecule insights into nucleoid associated proteins (NAPs), their role in modulating the mesoscale viscoelasticity of entangled DNA has been overlooked so far. By combining microrheology and molecular dynamics...

Quasi-SU(3) Coupling Induced Oblate-Prolate Shape Phase Transition in the Casten Triangle

Author(s): K. Kaneko, Y. Sun, N. Shimizu, and T. MizusakiShapes and shape evolution in the mass-130 region, including the Te, Xe, and Ba isotopes, have long been a focus of discussion in nuclear physics. This mass region consists of complex many-body systems that can behave in astonishingly simple and regular ways, as classified in the Casten symmetry...

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