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Recent articles in Physical Review Letters

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Accelerating and Decelerating Space-Time Optical Wave Packets in Free Space

Author(s): Murat Yessenov and Ayman F. AbouraddyA recipe for greatly accelerating a light pulse involves sculpting its spectrum in space and time.[Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 233901] Published Thu Dec 03, 2020

Magnetic Friedel Oscillation at the Fe(001) Surface: Direct Observation by Atomic-Layer-Resolved Synchrotron Radiation $^{57}\mathrm{Fe}$ Mössbauer Spectroscopy

Author(s): T. Mitsui, S. Sakai, S. Li, T. Ueno, T. Watanuki, Y. Kobayashi, R. Masuda, M. Seto, and H. AkaiPredicted 40 years ago, magnetic Friedel oscillations are finally observed in the layers beneath an iron surface.[Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 236806] Published Thu Dec 03, 2020

Anomalous Doping Evolution of Superconductivity and Quasiparticle Interference in ${\mathrm{Bi}}_{2}{\mathrm{Sr}}_{2}{\mathrm{Ca}}_{2}{\mathrm{Cu}}_{3}{\mathrm{O}}_{10+δ}$ Trilayer Cuprates

Author(s): Zhenqi Hao, Changwei Zou, Xiangyu Luo, Yu Ji, Miao Xu, Shusen Ye, Xingjiang Zhou, Chengtian Lin, and Yayu WangWe use scanning tunneling microscopy to investigate Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+δ trilayer cuprates from the optimally doped to overdoped regime. We find that the two distinct superconducting gaps from the inner and outer CuO2 planes both decrease...

Quasinormal-Mode Perturbation Theory for Dissipative and Dispersive Optomechanics

Author(s): André G. Primo, Natália C. Carvalho, Cauê M. Kersul, Newton C. Frateschi, Gustavo S. Wiederhecker, and Thiago P. Mayer AlegreDespite the several novel features arising from the dissipative optomechanical coupling, such effect remains vastly unexplored due to the lack of a simple formalism that captures non-Hermiticity in the engineering of...

Experimental High-Dimensional Quantum Teleportation

Author(s): Xiao-Min Hu, Chao Zhang, Bi-Heng Liu, Yu Cai, Xiang-Jun Ye, Yu Guo, Wen-Bo Xing, Cen-Xiao Huang, Yun-Feng Huang, Chuan-Feng Li, and Guang-Can GuoQuantum teleportation provides a way to transmit unknown quantum states from one location to another. In the quantum world, multilevel systems which enable high-dimensional systems are more prevalent....

Mott-Glass Phase of a One-Dimensional Quantum Fluid with Long-Range Interactions

Author(s): Romain Daviet and Nicolas DupuisWe investigate the ground-state properties of quantum particles interacting via a long-range repulsive potential Vσ(x)∼1/|x|1+σ (−1<σ) or Vσ(x)∼−|x|−1−σ (−2≤σ<−1) that interpolates between the Coulomb potential V0(x) and the linearly confining potential V−2(x) of the Schwinger model. In the ab...[Phys....

Magnetic Dipolar Interaction between Hyperfine Clock States in a Planar Alkali Bose Gas

Author(s): Y.-Q. Zou, B. Bakkali-Hassani, C. Maury, É. Le Cerf, S. Nascimbene, J. Dalibard, and J. BeugnonIn atomic systems, clock states feature a zero projection of the total angular momentum and thus a low sensitivity to magnetic fields. This makes them widely used for metrological applications like atomic fountains or gravimeters. Here, we show...

Energy Reflection and Transmission at 2D Holographic Interfaces

Author(s): Constantin Bachas, Shira Chapman, Dongsheng Ge, and Giuseppe PolicastroScattering from conformal interfaces in two dimensions is universal in that the flux of reflected and transmitted energy does not depend on the details of the initial state. In this Letter, we present the first gravitational calculation of energy reflection and transmission...

Multimode Organic Polariton Lasing

Author(s): Kristin B. Arnardottir, Antti J. Moilanen, Artem Strashko, Päivi Törmä, and Jonathan KeelingWe present a beyond-mean-field approach to predict the nature of organic polariton lasing, accounting for all relevant photon modes in a planar microcavity. Starting from a microscopic picture, we show how lasing can switch between polaritonic states...

Multimodal Excitation to Model the Quasibiennial Oscillation

Author(s): P. Léard, D. Lecoanet, and M. Le BarsThe quasibiennial oscillation (QBO) of stratospheric winds is the most striking example of mean-flow generation and reversal by the nonlinear interactions of internal waves. Previous studies have used an idealized monochromatic forcing to investigate the QBO. Here we instead force a more realistic c...[Phys....

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