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Coulomb Branch Amplitudes from a Deformed Amplituhedron Geometry

Author(s): Nima Arkani-Hamed, Wojciech Flieger, Johannes M. Henn, Anders Schreiber, and Jaroslav TrnkaThe amplituhedron provides, via geometric means, the all-loop integrand of scattering amplitudes in maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory. Unfortunately, dimensional regularization, used conventionally for integration, breaks the beautiful geometric...

Tue May 21, 2024 20:36
Editorial: Coauthor! Coauthor!

Author(s): Randall D. Kamien and Daniel Ucko[Phys. Rev. Lett. 132, 210001] Published Tue May 21, 2024

Tue May 21, 2024 20:36
Dissipation-Induced Extended-Localized Transition

Author(s): Yaru Liu, Zeqing Wang, Chao Yang, Jianwen Jie, and Yucheng WangA mobility edge (ME), representing the critical energy that distinguishes between extended and localized states, is a key concept in understanding the transition between extended (metallic) and localized (insulating) states in disordered and quasiperiodic systems. Here we explore...

Tue May 21, 2024 18:39
Emerging Two-Dimensional Conductivity at the Interface between Mott and Band Insulators

Author(s): I. V. Maznichenko, S. Ostanin, D. Maryenko, V. K. Dugaev, E. Ya. Sherman, P. Buczek, I. Mertig, M. Kawasaki, and A. ErnstIntriguingly, conducting perovskite interfaces between ordinary band insulators are widely explored, whereas similar interfaces with Mott insulators are still not quite understood. Here, we address the (001), (110), and...

Tue May 21, 2024 17:39
Medium-Enhanced $c\overline{c}$ Radiation

Author(s): Maximilian Attems, Jasmine Brewer, Gian Michele Innocenti, Aleksas Mazeliauskas, Sohyun Park, Wilke van der Schee, Gregory Soyez, and Urs Achim WiedemannWe show that the same QCD formalism that accounts for the suppression of high-pT hadron and jet spectra in heavy-ion collisions predicts medium-enhanced production of cc¯ pairs in jets. We...

Tue May 21, 2024 17:39
Thermal Emission Modulation by Electron Population in Quantum Dots

Author(s): Yu Gu, Haixiao Xu, and Zhi LiWe report an efficient temperature modulation of thermal emissivity near room temperature using quantum dots. The quantum confinement effects result in a unique feature that resembles a quasi-two-level electronic system (QTLES). The QTLES’s dielectric function ϵ(ω) is shown to be dependent on the el… [Phys. Rev....

Tue May 21, 2024 17:39

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